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Join the Boy Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 as they attend Many Point Scout Camp during the week of July 10-16, 2011. This video of Melrose Scout Productions Podcast includes a look at their campsite in Buckskin Camp, along with a couple of the songs led by the staff before the Boy Scouts would go to the dining hall for their meals. The songs include The Duck Song and Herbie, the Family Pet.

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How was your summer camp this year?

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    Every year since 1982 I have attended a long term camp with the Boy Scouts of Troop 68, Melrose. Most of these have been week-long summer camps, but they also included five treks at Philmont Scout Ranch, one trip to the High Knoll Trail of West Virginia, one trip to the Northern Tier High Adventure Base, and a trip to the 2001 National Jamboree in Virginia.

    The troop has attended three summer camps during the last three decades. We have been to Tomahawk Scout Reservation in Wisconsin twice. Crow Wing Scout Reservation in Minnesota was a favorite of the troop for five years. Many Point Scout Camp became our home in the early 1990’s. We have been attending camp at MPSC now for 23 years. The boys really seem to enjoy themselves there.

    Five Boy Scouts of Troop 68, along with Eymard, the assistant scoutmaster, and myself, attended camp this year. Once again, we stayed in the Buckskin subcamp of MPSC. This was the fifth year we stayed at the Seton campsite, which is a small site located on the top of a small hill. The site is in the middle of Buckskin, near the lodge, trading post, and shower house.

    Troop 68 was one of the first troops to arrive at MPSC on Sunday, July 11th. I think we may have been the first troop in Buckskin for the week. Four of the five boys had already attended camp in the previous years so they knew the routine. They set up their tents, moved in their gear, changed clothes, and headed to the beach front for their swim checks. Eymard and I set up the screen porch and dining fly after they left.

    The troop had supper in the camp’s dining hall but the senior patrol leader and his assistant had supper at the lodge with the other SPL’s and ASPL’s in camp. It would be the first of a few meetings they would have during the week with the staff.

    After supper, the troops participated in a tour of the camp which took the boys to each of the program areas. It was during this tour that the boys discovered were their merit badge classes would be held. All five of the Troop 68 Scouts would be working on the Weather merit badge. Three would be working on archery (a two hour course), and the other two would work on Lifesaving (also a two hour course). The boys would be busy all morning with classes. Troop activities would fill our afternoons. Open program areas would keep the boys busy in the evenings.

    Sunday evening ended with the staff’s opening campfire program. The program was great. It was very entertaining while introducing us to this year’s staff. It was a fantastic start to the week. (Check out the Melrose Scout Production Podcast for videos from the campfire.)

    As we walked back to our campsite the boys declared that they would be going straight to bed. They were tired. I was quite surprised. Usually, the boys want to stay up a bit later the first night at camp. It was one of the few times I was in bed at summer camp before 10:30. As I laid there on my cot I thought to myself, “It is good to be back again. Almost like coming home.” As the MPSC rouser states, “Many Point Scout Camp, that’s the place to be.”

    I slept well that first night.

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      The Buckskin staff of Many Point Scout Camp always has a great song to bring the Friday night campfire to a close. This year was no exception. The staff sang a song about being at camp and enjoying the outdoors. I wish I knew the name of the song. This post to the Melrose Scout Productions Podcast features the Buckskin staff as they sing the song at the July 16th campfire. It was a great tune to settle the boys down for the program’s end.



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        It is almost a tradition. During the past few years I have taken my video camera along to summer camp and recorded the opening and closing campfire programs. These programs are edited down to become podcast episodes and a dvd for the Boy Scouts who attended camp. Over the past few years I have posted a video to the Melrose Scout Productions Podcast featuring the Buckskin staff of Many Point Scout Camp as they lead the campers in the Many Point Rouser at the beginning of the Sunday evening campfire. It is now time to post the 2010 version.

        It amazes me every year we go to summer camp how energized the camp staff always seems to be. When they lead the boys in the rouser with so much enthusiasm it sets the stage for the entire week. The Boy Scouts know they have a staff that is anxious to work with them during the week and ready to have fun while they do. So, let’s dedicate this video to not only the Buckskin staff of Many Point Scout Camp but to all the staff members of summer camps around the country.

        By the way, this video also contains footage of a couple of very athletic guys doing a little pre-campfire show, and the introduction of the troops at camp.

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          Hundreds of thousands of Boy Scouts attend summer camp every year. The Boy Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 are no exception. Five Scouts and two adult leaders attended Many Point Scout Camp, located north of Park Rapids, during the week of July 11-17.

          A typical day at camp began with breakfast in the Buckskin dining hall. Then the boys would spread out throughout the camp as they worked on their merit badge advancements. After lunch, there would be troop activities. The Scouts were free to participate in any of the open program areas in the evenings.

          The Melrose Boy Scouts kept quite busy at camp. Monday afternoon began with an Ethics In Action team building program. Then they spent an hour at the beach enjoying the camp’s aquatramp (sceen above). A service project of installing a new bench around the campfire ring finished up the afternoon.

          The troop helped row a 30 foot long voyager canoe across the lake Tuesday afternoon to visit the new Frontier Camp. The camp was set up to be similar to an 1800’s logging camp. The Scouts cut logs using a two person saw, split lumber with an ax, debarked logs, branded beaver cookies, and played horseshoes.

          Wednesday activities began with a round of disc golf. The Scouts climbed the climbing tower before heading to the archery range for the troop’s annual “Robin Hood” competition. The troop visited the Many Point History Center after supper and climbed to the top of the 100 foot high fire tower.

          Thursday afternoon found the boys at Scoutcraft to learn some new cooking skills, including how to bake lembas bread, the bread of the elves in the Lord Of The Ring series. Then they went to the rifle range for the troop shoot. The afternoon ended with a relaxing hour at the beach front sauna house.

          The troop began Friday afternoon like every troop in camp, with a camp reflection period. Then it was back to the waterfront for two hours of sailing on the Many Point Sunfish sailboats. The closing campfire program was held Friday evening with every troop in camp performing a song or skit. The Scouts of Troop 68 did a great job with their skit and got several laughs during their performance. (Watch for a future MSPP episode for the video of the skit.)

          The five Scouts of Troop 68 did well during their merit badges programs. Each Scout completed two merit badges. The badges earned this year were Weather, Archery, and Lifesaving. One Scout was able to finish his Camping merit badge while at camp.

          The Boy Scouts and adult leaders had a great time at camp this year and already have made their reservation to attend many Point Scout Camp during the 2011 season.

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            I was listening to some music at work this afternoon when the Village People’s Y.M.C.A. was played. Suddenly, I was transported back to summer camp several years ago. Troop 68 liked taking songs, changing the words, and making a new campfire song. Y.M.C.A. happened to be one of those songs.

            We had attended Many Point Scout Camp for several years and I thought we might be able to change Y.M.C.A. to M.P.S.C.  We worked on the lyrics and it did not take long to come up with a new song and actions to go along with it. When we performed it at the Friday night closing campfire it became a hit. The staff joined us onstage for the refrain and the campers and leaders joined us in the actions. We have performed the song several times since then. If I find a decent video of the troop’s performance I will be sure to get it online. Until then, here are the words to our version of M.P.S.C. –

            1)  Young man, When you need to get out,
            I said, young man, get away from the crowds.
            I said, young man, don’t just sit there and pout.
            Get up and camp with the Boy Scouts.

            That’s where, you can shoot 22’s.
            I said, that’s where, there’s always something to do.
            I said, that’s where, you can eats lots of stew,
            get belly aches and turn shades of blue.

            It’s fun to go to the M.P.S.C.  You’ve got to go to the M.P.S.C.
            You can tie a few knots, you can cook your own meal,
            You can do whatever you feel.

            M.P.S.C.  You’ve got to go to the M.P.S.C.
            Young man, young man, don’t just sit on your tail.
            Young man, young man, get yourself on the trail.

            2)  Voyagers, is the place you should be
            if you want to, cook your food as you please.
            Then there’s Ten Chiefs, out among all the trees,
            with no shower facility.

            Buck Skin, is the camp where you call
            patrol members, to eat in the dining hall.
            Project Cope is, the place where you do it all
            even experience free fall.

            3)  Young man, the bathrooms are quite unique.
            I said, young man, wait till you get a peek.
            I said, young man, it’s the place that you seek
            When you can’t wait any longer.

            Then there’s, the bedroom facilities
            Where you can get, a bit caught up on your zz’s
            Where the canvas, let’s in all the bugs and fleas
            Unless you’ve got mosquito netting.

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              I recently scanned the pictures I have as a Boy Scout of Melrose Troop 68 in the 1970’s. Then I uploaded them to my Flickr account so that I could make a slideshow to share with you. The pictures are of Scout Sunday in 1975, my photo story for the photography merit badge that I never quite completed, and pictures from summer camp at Parker Scout Reservation in 1976 and 1977. Don’t laugh too hard when you notice the clothing worn back then.

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                In the last article I wrote about the weather during this summer’s week-long outing at Many Point Scout Camp, and the Tuesday storm in which lightning hit a tree near the administration building located less then a mile from our campsite. I did not get to see the tree while I was at camp but one of the Many Point staff members did get a couple pictures of the tree that was hit. Unfortunately, while I saved this photo, I forgot the name of the staff member. Oh well, you can see the damage to the tree. It is further proof to play it safe during thunderstorms and get to a safe place.

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