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I like reading the Bryan On Scouting blog. It is quite informative, and can also be quite fun at times. He recently added a post of which I was a bit skeptical at first since he posted it on April 1st, which is April Fools Day. But after doing a bit of research it looks like it is legit. The Boy Scouts of America has eliminated its Tour and Activity Plan!

I wish they would have done this back when I was a scoutmaster. I always felt these forms were a pain in the neck. I understood the reason for them but that did not mean I had to like them. The planning of the outing usually was not the problem. The worst part run running around to get the signatures needed.

The Bryan On Scouting blog post explains the reasoning behind the new policy. You can click on the link below. I would suggest you check it out. You can also check out the BSA’s page on the Tour and Activity Plan page for more answers. which can be found at:

BSA’s Tour and Activity Plan eliminated

I, like many Scouters, read several Scouting related blogs. One of them, Scoutmaster, found at , recently posted a survey featuring questions about the Scout program in this electronic age. How does your troop use computers, cell phones, and mp3 players? It caught my attention so I took the survey.

Our troop has a policy that asks the boys to leave their mp3 players and cell phones at home when we have a troop activity, like a camping trip. The adults will usually have one cel phone along in case of an emergency, but we ask that they do not use it and set a good example for the boys. If our trip is a long distance from home, we do allow the boys to bring their mp3 players along, but we store them in the car once we arrive at camp. I have talked to several local Scouters who have a troop policy similar to this.

I am curious as to what the results of Clark’s survey will be. I bet he will be sharing them on his blog and his podcast. You can take the survey at Scouting in the Electronic Age.