Piglet Visits Summer Camp

on July 18, 2011 in pictures, summer camp

It is usually not a problem keeping Boy Scouts busy when we go to summer camp. Between merit badge sessions, troop activities, and open programs there is plenty for them to do. Summer camp is designed to keep boys busy.

Adult leaders have more free time. Oh, we could follow the boys around as they go to their classes. We can partake of a few training adult leader training sessions or activities, but we still end up with time to kick back and relax. And think of things to do.

I do not know why, but when I packed for camp this year I threw a little Piglet figure (Winnie Pooh’s friend) into my briefcase. When I got to camp he moved into my day pack with his head peaking out so that he could see where we have been. The Boy Scouts pulled him out during lunch early in the week and had a little fun with him. When the dining hall steward walked by our table we gave him Piglet. He put it on his hat and made a face while I took his picture.

Then it hit me! I have a mission for the week. How many members of the camp staff could I get to pose for a picture with Piglet?

I took Piglet with me nearly everywhere I went: to the beach, to the ranges, to the climbing tower, wherever.  The staff had fun with it. I was even able to get the camp director and the program director to pose with the little guy. But the end of the week I had pictures with 17 members of the staff, plus a few other pictures with the troop.

The pictures have been posted in an album I created on Facebook. Check them out by clicking HERE.

2 Responses to “Piglet Visits Summer Camp”

  1. Mike Wyatt( Scout Master Grumpy) says:

    We had a blow up monkey( His name was Tipster) at summer camp last 2 years. As you know being at the water front you have to have a buddy. So we ended up with 2 monkeys ( Tipster’s friend was Dipster)So Tipster could go down the the water front. Then on family night at camp Tipster’s girl friend(Sally) showed up. The staff as well wanted to have the picture take with them. Tipster even leaded the Adult mug club meeting one morning. It was a blast for not only us as leaders but the scouts. Thank you. Mike

  2. Larry Geiger says:

    I took my company logo (a polar bear) to camp one year for the newsletter picture thing. I would sneak “Artie” in next to a Scout in a class and take a picture. I got one of the pix into the company newsletter but did not win the month’s contest due to the other guys picture from Machu Pichu! Any way, I had about 30 pix of Artie with the Scouts that we projected up on the screen at the COH. Boy, the Scouts were really surpised when they saw their picture with the bear. They thought that I photoshopped it.

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