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Here is a little puzzle for you and your Cub Scout. This Christmas tree contains the four latest Hallmark Beagle Scout Snoopy ornaments. Enlarge the picture by clicking on it, and then try to find them. One features Snoopy and his troop canoeing. Another shows them camping. One is the troop hiking. And the last has them roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Can your Cub Scout find all four of them in under thirty seconds?

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    Here is a little Christmas Poem I wrote a few years ago.

    Twas the day of the party
    for the Scouts of the troop.
    Time for films, pop, and goodies,
    and pizza (but not soup.)

    One by one they arrived at
    the scoutmaster’s door.
    They took off both their shoes
    then sat on the floor.

    The decision of which movie
    to watch must be made.
    It’s a film about pirates for
    which the scoutmaster paid.

    The lights where turned off and
    the Scouts settled down,
    and the movie began in
    full digital sound.

    Ninety minutes later
    the movie was paused
    for the pizza had arrived
    to the shouts of “huzzah!”
    (The Scouts did not really shout that
    but I needed something that rhymed.)

    Then the Scouts formed a circle
    on the living room floor.
    Time for the gift exchange!
    This was not time to snore.

    The die were passed and rolled for
    fifteen long minutes.
    Each Scout wanted that one gift,
    but could he roll right to win it?

    There was candies and cookies,
    a skateboard, and games.
    There was not a bad gift so
    there was no one to blame.

    Soon the gifts were exchanged,
    all the presents unwrapped,
    and the movie was finished.
    It was time for a nap.

    The Scouts picked up their gifts and
    zipped their jackets up tight
    wishing “Merry Christmas to all,
    and to all a good night.”

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      This is the time of year when the unknown and unnatural walk the earth. When ghouls and monsters creep up to our lawns. When small boys and girls in costume knock on our front doors and say “trick or Treat!”  That is right. It is that Halloween time of year.

      Scoutmaster Steve and Buttons decided to put together a special episode of Around The Scouting Campfire to celebrate this scary time of year. Each host tells a ghost story that you could use during your own campfire programs. Steve tells us about the cremation of Sam Magee. Buttons has a story about two Eagle Scouts who make a solemn oath. Don’t worry though. The stories are alright for the young listeners too.

      Send us your emails. You can contact Buttons at You may contact Scoutmaster Steve at Please rate the show and/or leave a comment at the iTunes store or at PTC Media forums.

      You can also follow the hosts on Twitter at or .

      Download episode #19 by clicking HERE.
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      Show notes:
      The Cremation of Sam Magee -
      The Boy Scouts’ Oath –
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        It is time once again to make that trip to your nearest Hallmark store and pick up this year’s Scoutmaster Snoopy Keepsake Ornament. This year’s ornament, The Fearless Crew,  features Snoopy leading Woodstock and two of his friends on a wilderness hike. As they reach the hilltop the old Beagle Scout plants a Camp Snoopy flag into the ground. It is another great addition the Scoutmaster Snoopy series of ornaments.

        I have already picked up two of these ornaments, one to hang on the tree and one to keep as a Keepsake. It will be a nice addition to the three other Keepsakes from previous years that I have including Snoopy and his friends canoeing, roasting marshmallows around the campfire, and  reading a spooky story before going to bed. (Do a search for “Snoopy” to see the articles of previous ornaments.)

        The ornaments are listed at $14.95 each. It can be seen on the Hallmark online store but I believe they can only be bought at your local store.

        So, do you have any of the Scoutmaster Snoopy ornaments? How many do you own? Which ones do you hang on your Christmas tree? Will you get one for your scoutmaster?

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          It looks like Hallmark did it again! There is another Scoutmaster Snoopy ornament to be found at your local Hallmark store. Or you can buy it online. This one is called A Spooky Story and features Scoutmaster Snoopy sitting at his tent reading a scary story to Woodstock and his fellow Scouts. It looks like I need to make a trip to Hallmark myself.

          I think I will buy two of these this year. As I was setting up my tree tonight I broke my Scoutmaster Snoopy canoeing with his Scouts ornament. Luckily, there is this stuff called superglue.

          The new ornament can be found online at

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             We had discussed it a couple times at committee meetings but I was still a little surprised when the troop finally decided to hand out small United States flags along the parade route in town this year. Our troop had not done anything for a parade for twenty years or more.

            The flags were small plastic flags bought from an online retailer. Our charter sponsor, the VFW, agreed to pay for the purchase of the flags which came to nearly $100.00 for almost a thousand flags. The Boy Scouts would walk the parade route, a block or two ahead of the honor guard, and hand them out to the people along the route.
            We thought this would be a great public relations project. The Boy Scouts would be in uniform and show their patriotism by giving away flags. We would be seen by thousands of people sitting along the streets, giving us some much needed exposure, something the troop does not receive for cleaning road ditches, holding paper drives, and working early morning park clean-up projects.
            I arrived at the high school, the starting point of the parade, about an hour before things would begin. Two Boy Scouts were already present, with a third one arriving a short time later. And that was it. Only three of the nine members of the troop decided to join us for this project. At least that left us two people per side of the street. I would be riding my gas powered scooter which had a basket to hold the thousand flags. The Scouts would be walking.
            We really did not know how soon we should leave before the parade started so we began when the honor guard began lining up at the head of the parade. Unfortunately, the honor guard caught up to us after only four or five blocks, and soon the parade was passing by us. Since we had to hand out the flags person to person it slowed us down and took much longer than we first thought.
            The crowd loved the flags. We began by handing them out to kids but they were so popular that teenagers and adults wanted them also. We ran out of flags with a third of the route left to go.
            So, we learned two things about this project. First, we need to leave about 15 minutes ahead of the parade in order to have a chance of staying ahead of them. Second, we will need to order about 1500 or 2000 flags for the next time.
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               While shopping for a few graduation cards last weekend there was a Father’s Day card that caught my eye that I just have to share with you. It features Snoopy, the Beagle Scout, and his trusty troop featuring Woodstock and his pals. I immediately added it to the pile of cards I was buying. Here is a picture of the front and the inside of the card. It is a Hallmark card, by the way.

              I will not be sending it to my father though. I will be keeping this one as a part of my Scouting collection.

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                Late last night, on Christmas Eve, several of us from around the country joined Chris for his live “An Hour A Week” Christmas show. The chat room was very lively as we listened to Chris and the various Christmas music he was playing.

                He invited us to join him on the show, so I thought I would try reading the story “A Christmas Scout”. It is one of my favorite Scouting Christmas stories (not that there are that many too choose from). I recorded it while Chris was playing some music and sent him the mp3 file to use during his show.

                The first thing I noticed when the mp3 was playing is that it did not take long for the chat room to become pretty quiet. Nearly everyone stopped typing to listen to my reading. I must have done a decent job, because after it finished people started writing about how well I had done. Even a tear or two had falling by the end of the story. Immediately, a couple people asked for a copy of the mp3. Within minutes Chris had a copy available through the PTC Media site.

                After thinking about it this morning, I thought I should make it available through this blog also. If you would like to hear my reading of the story of the Christmas Scout which was written by Sam Bogan, all you have to do is click on this LINK.

                And one more thing… I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.

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