Hallmark Snoopy – The Race Is On!

on August 8, 2015 in collections, Holiday

peanuts-the-race-is-on-snoopys-beagle-scouts-pinewood-derby-ornament-rootThis year’s Scouting themed Snoopy ornament is now on sale at your local Hallmark store. The 2015 piece features Snoopy the Beagle Scout, or scoutmaster, and three of his “Scouts” racing their Pinewood Derby cars. It is nice to see a Cub Scouting themed ornament this year.

I was not even thinking of this until I walked into the Crossroads Mall Hallmark store this afternoon. I was going to check if they had any of last year’s ornaments at close out prices. I should have known this year’s decorations would be on display already. It did not take me long to find Scoutmaster Snoopy. I bought two, like I do every year. One to put on the tree, and one to add to the collection.

Have you been collecting the Beagle Scout Snoopy ornaments?

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  1. I also collect the Beagle Scout ornaments! I think I’m missing the “Beagle Scout Day Out” (canoe) ornament from 2008 but have all of the rest that have been released (first one in 2001 and then annually since 2007). Hoping to see this one under the tree later this morning when we open presents. Merry Christmas!

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