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I discovered a new blog today written by a gentleman who would like to be an Eagle Scout. But like me, he is beyond his teen years. What he has decided to do is to try to fulfill all the requirements from the joining requirements, through Tenderfoot and all the ranks, all the way to the Eagle Rank. He realizes he can not actually “earn” the award but I have to give him credit for giving this a try. He is currently working on his Tenderfoot requirements.

As I read his August 9th entry I was a little startled by his comparison of backing a pack being like a certain video game. He wrote:
As we packed our backpacks with the relatively sparse supplies that would constitute our emergency kits, we discussed what was essential, including our tent and sleeping bags, our food and water, and our tools. The packing was difficult and taught us a lot about saving space and making priorities. I tried to make my bag look like the picture in the handbook. Good packing is a lot like playing Tetris.
Packing is like playing Tetris? After thinking about it for a few seconds I realized he was right! Holy cow, was he right. Everything in a backpack needs to packed correctly, using every inch of space available, organized so that things are easy to find and readily available. I think this guy is onto something.
The blog is written well, and I like the way he brings his family into it. For example, he also wrote:
By this point, the kids were asking – a few times – why Dad is doing all this Boy Scout stuff. I told them that I want the skills and experience. They didn’t have much of a reaction, but I’ll tell you that I haven’t been able to sign off the other item I’ve been working on – #4, the knots – because whenever I practice it, all of the kids want their turn looking in the handbook and working on my little nylon rope. It’s been fun watching them get into that, but I need time to master that darn tricky taut line hitch!
I think I am going to enjoy this blog. And I bet you would too. Check it out at

This note is more for myself then anyone, but “A Scoutmaster’s Blog” reached a total of 100,000 visits this morning (since the counter began in June 2007). It has been a little under four months since it reached 75,000 visits. The daily visits have been increasing nicely. The blog now receives 200-300 hits per day on average. The 100,000th visit checked out articles about Eagle Scout scoutmaster conferences.

I would like to thank you all for coming to this site and reading the blog. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to hit 150,000 views.

Wow, I almost missed a couple of dates that I probably should not have forgotten. On May 18, 2006, I posted the first article to “A Scoutmaster’s Blog“. It is hard to believe that it has already been three years of sharing Scouting stories (430 posts) with you. There have been a lot of other Scouting related blogs that have come and gone during that time.

One April 4, 2007, I posted the first video to the “Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast“. That video introduced many Scouts, leaders, and families to a new character we know as Buttons, the radical Boy Scout. Sixty five videos have been posted to the podcast over the last two years.

I want to thank you all for reading this blog, watching the videos, and for listening to the new podcast, “Around The Scouting Campfire“. Your support, emails, and comments keep me fired up to continue these projects.

I would like to give special thanks to Cubmaster Chris of PTC Media for all the background help he has given me over the years, and to the Boy Scouts and family of Troop 68, both past and present, who have given me the material needed for these projects.

Once again, this note is more for myself then anyone, but this blog reached a total of 75,000 visits today (since the counter began in June 2007). It has only been a bit over four months since it reached 50,000 visits. The daily visits have been increasing nicely. It was not that long ago when this site would be lucky to receive 150 a day.

I would like to thank you all for coming to this site and reading the blog. It will be interesting to see when it hits 100,000 views.

The month of January really kicked off the new year to a busy start for our troop’s (and this blog’s) website. There was a total of 26,097 visits to the troop’s website, with a total of 134,705 page views. This includes 10,682 hits to this blog’s homepage. All told, there was over 147.8 GB of data transferred. I think that is a record for the site.

Of course, most of that bandwidth is used by the video podcast. The top videos of the month of January 2009 were:
The Leaders of Scouting (Mike H) – 407 hits
Little Bunny Foo Foo – 455 hits
The 2001 National Jamboree Video – 480 hits
The Buttons and Randall Show #3 – 577 hits

I have to thank David H., a former member of Troop 68, for providing the space and bandwidth for the website. If he wouldn’t provide the troop with the free domain, server, and bandwidth I would not be placing all these videos online for you to enjoy. Thanks David.

And thanks to all of you for reading this blog, watching the videos, and checking out our troop’s website.

Shortly after I started writing this blog I registered it with a site called Blog Patrol which had a nice little counter for the site and kept statistics for one week. It was fun watching the daily stats climb, but not so fun watching them drop. It was like watching a slow moving rollercoaster. Most days I would get around 150 visits or so. I smiled a little brighter each day I received over 200 visitors. It is nice when people find your blog something they enjoy reading.

This past week I have noticed more people coming to the blog. Today, something happened that has never happened before. This blog has received over 300 visitors! In one day! And the daily forecast shows that it could hit 340 visits. Wow.

Now I realize for many bloggers out there that this is no big deal. Some blogs receive thousands of hits per day, even tens of thousands. This is not one of those blogs. I realize that my blog topic fits a narrow range of people out there, and that is alright. I am not a writer for the Wallstreet Journal or anything like that. I just write about Scouting, something that has been a part of me for most of my life.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for coming to this site and checking out the blog. I really do appreciate it.

As the new year begins I cannot help but think of A Scoutmaster’s Blog and the Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast. I have been writing posts to the blog for over two and one half years already. (Wow, time flies fast.) This is the 374th post to the blog. If I would have know in high school how much time I would be spending on a thing called a computer, I think I would have taken a typing class.

The MSPP podcast currently has 58 videos, with another to be posted later today if I find the time. I have enjoyed putting the videos together. I hope you have enjoyed watching them. I also hope I can keep finding new material to post to the podcast. It is getting harder finding material for videos designed to entertain Scouts, leaders, and parents. I guess Buttons may have to start making more videos each year.

When I started the podcast I had the help of Mr. Bob of the Akela’s Adventure podcast. He was able to steer me in the right direction on how to write the xml pages and prepare the videos. Last summer, Cubmaster Chris and I made a few changes to the tech side of things and created a new feed so that I could get better statistics of the visitors to the site. We left the old feed up and running for people to continue finding the podcast and make the switch to the new feed.

It has been over six months since the new feed was created, and from the looks of the stats, nearly everyone has switched over to the new feed, so today I have taken the old feed offline. If you have not switched yet, the new/current feed is found at:
If you prefer to follow the podcast through iTunes you can find it at

The old feeds that will no longer work or be updated are the following: and
If you are still linked to one of these feeds please switch to one of the current ones.

By the way, you can also find the Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast as a part of the PTC Media family of Scouting podcasts. The link for that site is

Once again, I would like to thank you for reading the blog and watching the podcast. I invite you to leave comments and let me know what you think about them. I also challange you to invite two or three more people to check out the blog and podcast. The higher the numbers of viewers become, the more excited I get about keeping things going. And to tell the truth, I could use more viewers.

My friend Jerry, who writes a blog called The Scoutmaster Minute, recent wrote about an experience he had while waiting to checkout in a store. Jerry was wearing his Scout uniform. A lady next to him started a conversation with him and began expressing her negative opinions about the Scouting program. She began complaining about the new uniform, then shifted gears to God, gays, and guns. It appears that she was looking to provoke an argument with Jerry. But Jerry kept his cool and answered her questions in a well mannered and professional manner.

To read about Jerry’s experience check out his blog at The Scoutmaster Minute.