Like Tetris?

on August 18, 2009 in Advancement, Blog

I discovered a new blog today written by a gentleman who would like to be an Eagle Scout. But like me, he is beyond his teen years. What he has decided to do is to try to fulfill all the requirements from the joining requirements, through Tenderfoot and all the ranks, all the way to the Eagle Rank. He realizes he can not actually “earn” the award but I have to give him credit for giving this a try. He is currently working on his Tenderfoot requirements.

As I read his August 9th entry I was a little startled by his comparison of backing a pack being like a certain video game. He wrote:
As we packed our backpacks with the relatively sparse supplies that would constitute our emergency kits, we discussed what was essential, including our tent and sleeping bags, our food and water, and our tools. The packing was difficult and taught us a lot about saving space and making priorities. I tried to make my bag look like the picture in the handbook. Good packing is a lot like playing Tetris.
Packing is like playing Tetris? After thinking about it for a few seconds I realized he was right! Holy cow, was he right. Everything in a backpack needs to packed correctly, using every inch of space available, organized so that things are easy to find and readily available. I think this guy is onto something.
The blog is written well, and I like the way he brings his family into it. For example, he also wrote:
By this point, the kids were asking – a few times – why Dad is doing all this Boy Scout stuff. I told them that I want the skills and experience. They didn’t have much of a reaction, but I’ll tell you that I haven’t been able to sign off the other item I’ve been working on – #4, the knots – because whenever I practice it, all of the kids want their turn looking in the handbook and working on my little nylon rope. It’s been fun watching them get into that, but I need time to master that darn tricky taut line hitch!
I think I am going to enjoy this blog. And I bet you would too. Check it out at

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