Scout Trivia: Outdoor Skills 2

on October 27, 2009 in trivia

It is that time once again. Time for another ten questions from the Scout Mania trivia book. The theme this time is “Outdoor Skills”. Keep in mind, these questions are based on the 1984 Boy Scouts of America Scout Handbook, not the current handbook. Are you ready to begin?

(Question answers will be written at the bottom of this post, and are from the Scout Mania book. No cheating is allowed, after all, you are a Boy Scout or Scout leader, correct?)

1) When sleeping on the ground, what is the “old camp” rule?

2) What is most commonly used to sharpen an ax or knife?

3) What is called the true woodsman’s fire starter?

4) When not using an ax, how should it be stored?

5) What do black rectangles on a map represent?

6) Name the four kinds of end knots.

7) What is the material called that flares when touched by a match?

8) Name the seven knots that are used for joining two ropes together.

9) Name the four types of fire lays for building fires.

10) How can you prepare questionable water for drinking?

Okay, do you have you answers chosen? Are you ready for the correct answers according to the Scout Mania Trivia book? Here they are….

1) Have as much under you as over you.
2) An oiled sharpening stone.
3) Fuzz sticks.
4) Stick it in a log or sheath it.
5) Buildings
6) Overhang, figure eight, stopper, stevedore
7) Tinder
8) Square, surgeons, shoestring, fisherman’s, sheet bend, blood knot, fisherman’s surgeon knot.
9) Tepee, lean-to, fire-stick, crisscross.
10) Boil it or use purification tablets.

Did you do well? Stay tuned for more trivia in future postings.

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