Scout Camp – The Movie

on April 6, 2009 in Film & Books, summer camp

It appears that there will be a new movie making its way around the country this year. It is about spending a week at a Boy Scout summer camp and is called, oddly enough, Scout Camp. From the preview it looks to have some humor and some serious moments. I have read it a Scout forum that the movie is written by guys who were Scouts themselves growing up, and it does not follow the guide to safe scouting very well. Oh the horrors!

I am hoping this film comes to central Minnesota. I would like to see it and perhaps bring the troop along. After all, there are very few movies made about Boy Scouting. I love one line from the preview, “I’m fine. I am the scoutmaster.”

Here is the preview of the movie:

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    1. Nick Wood says:

      Could be interesting. At least from the trailer they don’t seem to be taking the mick out of Scouting or portraying Scouting in a less than flattering light as so many media portrayals do.
      There is an official website here –

    2. John Prochazka says:

      I heard for the first time the theme song for the movie, (Baby I Want To Be A Scout), at a Camporee with my son where it was just about Minnesota cold in Kansas. It woke everyone up. For the first time in a long time Boy Scouts and their leaders aren't portrayed as gubbers. The song is so hip, that you can actually dance to it in a hip hop club. It's going to be a great movie, and I wish there were more to tell our tale on the way to Eagle and manhood.

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