Pinewood Derby Comics

on March 18, 2009 in Cub Scout

If you have not noticed yet, a comic strip called The Buckets is currently running a few days worth of comics about Pinewood Derby cars. The Cub Scout son does not seem to understand that he has to make a car from this block of wood he received. The father has limited time and tools to help create a masterpiece (which the Cub Scout wants to look like a Star Wars space vehicle. The comic creator, Greg Cravens, is doing an excellent job with the series.

Check it out at

By the way, the comic shown here is only the first panel of the first day’s strip this week.

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  1. marlene says:

    i was on your site and found the pages of Cub Scout comics about the derby car race. I left the page and can’t find them again. 🙁 Can you help?

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