Got Knots?

on January 8, 2009 in Advancement, Leadership

A fellow Scouting friend of mine, Jeff Cummings, writes a blog called The Trainer’s Corner. It is one of the many Scouting blogs I visit and read. Recently he wrote an article about the reasons we as adult Scouters of the BSA should earn our knots. You know, those little patches we can wear on our uniforms over our left pocket. They are the awards that we as adults can still earn. Our merit badges or ranks, if you think about it.

Jeff wrote about four good reasons that we should consider earning the knots: quality, consistency, recognition, and roundtables. All are good reasons. I would encourage you to go to his blog and read them. You can find it at

After reading Jeff’s blog I pulled out my uniform and looked at my knots. I have six of them. The first two I earned were training awards: The Scouter’s Key and the Scout Leader’s Training Award. The next one I received was the Scoutmaster Award of Merit. Those were earned during my first decade as a scoutmaster. Since then I have added the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award, the District Award of Merit, and the Silver Beaver Award. They add a little color to my uniform.

To tell the truth, I doubt that I will be earning any more knots and that is all right by me. I have pretty much done all I can in the current position of scoutmaster, and I do not plan to accept any other positions in the foreseeable future.

Now, here is a quick quiz for you. The six knots pictures with this blog post are the knots I have earned. Can you put the right names to the right knots?

3 Responses to “Got Knots?”

  1. Bryan says:

    This was my Wood Badge Patrol’s project…What Knot To Know! It outlines the main different Knots adult leaders from all levels in Scouting could and should earn and then ones for recognizing outstanding service…

    Also in this month’s Scouting magazine

  2. Jerry says:

    From left to Right… Top to Bottom…
    Silver Beaver, District Award of Merit, Distinguished Commissioner Service Award.
    Scoutmaster Award of Merit, Scouters Key, and Scouters Training.

    Knots are a great way of showing credibility.

    Have a Great Scouting Day!

  3. Walter Underwood says:

    Ha! Trick question. You earned the Scouters Training Award, the Scouters Key, and the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award. The others are “awarded”, not “earned”.

    By the way, the Scoutmaster Award of Merit has a very impressive jacket patch.

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