Another Scouting Podcast?

on January 10, 2009 in podcast

Cubmaster Chris and I were talking about the PTC Media podcasts the other night when he brought up an interesting idea. He thought I should take some of the Melrose Scouting Productions videos, convert them to mp3 files, and begin an audio podcast. Of course, not every video would make a good audio podcast. For example, most of the videos which feature the Boy Scouts doing a skit would not transfer well because they are too visual, you need to see what the boys are doing. The songs and interviews may transfer pretty well with just a small amount of editing. Many of the videos featuring Buttons, the radical Boy Scout, would make for decent audio files.

Unlike the other PTC Media audio podcasts which are anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes long each, the Melrose Scouting Productions Audio Podcasts (that is a long name, isn’t it?) would be pretty short, probably about 3-10 minutes each. My guess right now is that only 30 of the current videos would be able to become an audio show.

Chris made the point that an audio podcast would provide another way to present different topics to an audience without having to create video footage to go along with it. Maybe even create a “radio program” featuring Buttons or the Boy Scouts.

The biggest advantage to doing an audio podcast is that an mp3 file is much easier to take with you away from your computer. There are many ways to make an audio file portable. They can be burned to a cd, or placed an a portable mp3 player, like an iPod. An audio file can be listened to at any time; while you are walking, or driving, or excercising. You do not need a monitor carried with you, like you would if you wanted to watch a video podcast.

So, here is the question. Is there an audience for this type of podcast? Would it be something that you, a reading of this blog, would subscribe to? Would this be a worthwhile project, or would I be wasting my time? I do not want to create something for which there would be only twelve subscribers. Leave a comment here, or drop me an email at

3 Responses to “Another Scouting Podcast?”

  1. Kevin says:

    Steve, I think that would be really cool if you also published an audio podcast.

    Star Scout
    Troop 50
    Revolutionary Trails Council
    Sauquoit NY

  2. Jerry says:

    I think that the Buttons radio show would be a great idea…
    I think you should do a podcast, keep it in the Entertainment genre of Scouting podcasts.. we need that at PTC.. Mix in Buttons, some great stories, and of course skits and songs.

    Looking forward to it.

    Have a Great Scouting Day!

  3. Nick Wood says:

    Yes please!
    I’m all for new shows as I’m extremely interested to hear the different things you guys get up to.
    Also, I think Buttons would be a great talk show host!

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