Philmont Shirt Sayings

on July 3, 2011 in Philmont, uniform

The last few times I attended a trek at Philmont Scout Ranch the crew had tee shirt printed to wear during the adventure. Most of these stated the crew number on the front with a map of the trek on the back. Nothing too special, but a nice souvenir. I still wear a couple of them since I have not wore them out yet. They are quite comfortable.

I recently was cleaning out my email box of old messages when I came across one from a Philmont forum I belonged to that talked about humorous Philmont tee shirt slogans.

One writer wrote of a shirt he saw that read,
“I hiked ’till my heart raced and my muscles burned, And then I hiked some more. Philmont 2006.”

Another shirt stated,
“Another day,
Another dozen miles,
Same socks.
Philmont 2006”

My favorite one had this printed on the back of the shirt:

Did your crew have a great saying on its shirt? Leave a comment here and share it with us.

(BTW: The picture is one of the many shirt designs available at

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