MSPP #25: Frisbee Follies, A Summer Camp Adventure

on November 3, 2007 in podcast, summer camp

Here is a bit of a treat for you. I dug into the video vaults of Troop 68 and pulled out this little gem. Frisbee Follies, A Summer Camp Adventure was one of the first videos made by the Scouts of Troop 68. The Scouts made it during their week-long stay at Many Point Scout Camp in 1988. It was filmed with a vhs video camera almost twenty years ago, thus it is grainier then new digital footage would be.

The footage was filmed during two afternoons. The Scouts and I made up a rough outline of the plot (of which I admit there is not much of one), grabbed the camera and started shooting. It was pretty much filmed in order, and many scenes were sort-of made up as we filmed them. I was the director, cameraman, and editor. I learned a few things while putting this video together, like music in the background of a couple shots would have been nice.

The basic plot was to see how we could eliminate the frisbee players one by one through various mishaps as they chased a frisbee across the camp. I will admit that a couple eliminations where a bit on the weak side, some of the chase scenes are a bit dull, but a few shots turned out better then we could have ever hoped for. My favorites are the monkey bridge and the tether ball mishaps. Just to let you know, no Scouts were harmed during the filming of this project. It just looks that way. If fact, when we saw the footage ourselves the first time, we were amazed that no one was hurt.

I hope you enjoy this first attempt at producing a short film. We did it for ourselves, but we also played it on our local television cable access channel. Let me know what you think about it. Have my videos gotten worse, or better? You be the judge.

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