“Show Your PTC Media Scouting Spirit” Photo Contest

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Buttons and the PTC Media flat Scouts

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Do you like taking photos of your Scouts? Are you a listener of the podcasts found at PTC Media? If so, this is a contest that you should enter! Beginning January 3rd and continuing through March 22nd, PTCMedia with TrailStop.com and ClassB.com are running a photo contest.

Grab a copy of one of the PTC Media flat Scouting buddies (found at ptcmedia.net), print & cut it out and take photos of them with your Scouts, family or other leaders doing cool Scout stuff (hiking, camping, mountain climbing, running a Roundtable, etc.). Photos will be judged on creativeness and Scout spirit. Kids and adults are eligible to win.

Every couple of weeks, a different show will choose a winner and announce it on their show:
January 17th: An Hour A Week?
February 1: The MISS Show
February 16: The SMM Podcast
March 4: True North
March 10: Around The Scouting Campfire
March 22: The Leader’s Campfire

The winners will get a $20 coupon toward products at TrailStop.com.

Then, on April 1st, we’ll open a contest between the 6 winners and let the PTC Media listeners vote on their favorite. The overall winner will get a $50 coupon toward an order with ClassB.com.

How To Enter:

Choose one or more of our PTC Media Scouting buddies found at ptcmedia.net, print and cut them out.
Take a photo of them (and you or your Scouts/Leaders) doing cool Scout stuff.
E-Mail your photos to cubmasterchris@gmail.com with the subject line “Photo Contest”.
It’s that simple!

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