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Sudsy DudsyWe all know that Boy Scouts can get quite dirty when they are on a camping trip. Sometimes they become filthy. Once and awhile, at the end of a week of summer camp, their clothes may stand up on their own. Even the adult leaders clothes can become grimy by the end of a weekend. That is why you need a good clothes cleaning detergent when you arrive back home. What detergent should you use? Really, there is only one choice for cleaning up after a Boy Scout outing. You need Sudsy Dudsy.

What? You have never heard of Sudsy Dudsy? Really? Where have you been? It is the best soap ever invented by mankind. It can clean everything, and every stain. In fact, let me show you. This video post to the Melrose Scout Productions Podcast features a member of our troop demonstrating the cleaning power of Sudsy Dudsy during our Laughs For Lunch Show in the year 2000. You will see for yourself that this product is simply amazing.

Actually, this is an easy skit for your Boy Scouts to perform. You only need one Scout, a bucket, a few dirty clothes items, and a few identical clean items. Of course, it helps if your Scout is quite a showman. This is a short skit in which he can really ham it up a bit, as the Boy Scout in this video does.

Has your troop ever done this skit? What type of items did Sudsy Dudsy clean in your demonstration?

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This episode of Around The Scouting Campfire is dedicated to a special individual of Boy Scout Troop 68, Eymard, our assistant scoutmaster. Eymard is 83 years old and has been with the troop for 23 years. Buttons and Steve thought it was about time to recognize Eymard on the podcast.

In addition to Steve’s story about Eymard and Buttons interview with him we also get to hear the Buckskin staff of Many Point Scout Camp as they lead the campers in the Bear Hunt song. Steve has a scoutmaster conference about being clean. Buttons shares some feedback on past shows, including one comment he does not like very well.

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Show notes:
The Eighty Year Old Assistant Scoutmaster – Eighty Year Old Assistant Scoutmaster
MSPP #64: MPSC The Bear Hunt – MSPP #64: The Bear Hunt
MSPP #16: Buttons Interviews Eymard – MSPP #16: Buttons Interviews Eymard