MSPP #90: I Want To Marry The Princess

on July 22, 2010 in campfire, Humor, podcast

Let us go back in time. A simpler time of when there were kings, queens, and a peasant who wished to marry the beautiful princess. That is the plot of this hilarious campfire skit performed by two Boy Scouts of Troop 68 during their 2001 Laughs For Lunch Show. It is one of my favorie skits, and I bet you will enjoy it also.

With just a few props and a bit of practice your Scouts can use this skit to entertain troops and families during courts of honor or campfire programs.

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One Response to “MSPP #90: I Want To Marry The Princess”

  1. Liberty says:

    Too cute. It’s unfortunate that BSA has gotten so stuffy about allowing “cross dressing” skits. :/

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