The Communications Skill Award

on May 25, 2010 in Advancement, Nostalgia

The third of the skill awards (alphabetically) is the Communications Skill award. As I was looking over the requirements I remembered the Scouts completing one requirement during a court of honor opening in the early 1980’s by introducing themselves to the parents and family members by using sign language. The 911 emergency phone number was not widely used yet so requirement #1b was an important one. The requirements for the Communications merit badge were:

1) Do the following:
a. Make a phone call correctly and answer properly.
b. Show how to make an emergency phone call. Put these emergency phone numbers near your home phone.
c. Do two of these: 1) Introduce a guest. 2) Make an announcement. 3) Tell of some special past event.

2) Teach a Scout skill to two or more Scouts.

3) Get a message to others without speaking or writing using two of these: silent Scout signals, manual alphabet, sign language for the deaf, Indian sign language, sports signals, morse code, semaphore code, or Scout trail signs.

4) Tell how to get to a place selected by your Scout leader. (it must be 1 km away and not in a straight line.) Use speaking, writing, and sketches.

5) Take part in or plan an emergency mobilization for your patrol or troop.

6) Know five emergency distress signals.

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