MSPP #69: The Forest of the Yellow Fingers

on June 27, 2009 in podcast

 Everyone loves to hear a story. Especially a story that has a some comedy with a little grossness mixed into it. Add a moral to the story and you have something to tell the Boy Scouts around the campfire. But what if the moral of the story includes a bad pun? Then, you have a groaner and you better be prepared to run for your life! The story of the Forest of the Yellow Fingers is one such story. 

This video of the Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast was videotaped during Troop 68’s 2007 Laughs For Lunch Show. It features Scoutmaster Steve telling the audience the story of the Forest of the Yellow Fingers which takes place during medieval times. The story is a tale of a greedy king who wishes to enlarge his country by conquering the neighboring kingdom, but there is an obstacle in his path, a forest of huge, ugly, terrifying yellow fingers. Just wait until you hear how it ends.
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