The Leaders Campfire: “I’m Not Dead Yet”?

on October 20, 2014 in Leadership, podcast, Scouting Podcasts

TheLeadersCampfireA week ago I was on Skype chatting with Chris (formally known as Cubmaster Chris) and we began talking about were we currently involved in the world of Scouting. Chris’ youngest son is a Boy Scout, and I have been spending time assisting the local Cub Scout pack get reorganized for the new year. It is almost like our roles have kinda somewhat reversed from the days we hosted a little podcast called The Leaders Campfire.

As we were talking Scouting it was inevitable that our old podcast would come up in the discussion. It has been nearly three years since we recorded the last episode. As we were reminiscing about the “old days”, Chris mentioned an email he had received from a Scout leader somewhere stating that he missed the old PTC Media podcasts, and that there just was not much to choose from anymore.

Our conversation about Scouting continued for a little while longer before we decided to brush the dust off The Leaders Campfire and create one more podcast, based on the things we had just been talking about. Chris did a quick search of his computer and found that he still had the audio files for the beginning and end of the show, and even the commercials. We decided to record the show as if we had never quite doing it, and never reference the fact the it had been nearly three years since the last one. Chris hit the record button and the new podcast began.

We both expected the show to maybe be a half hour long or shorter. After all, we did not really have much to say. To our surprise, the show ended up being nearly 50 minutes long. I guess we had more to say than we thought we did. Chris decided to edit it and post yet that Saturday night.

Chris did not think the show would receive many downloads. After all these years who would even think about listening to the two of us talking about Scouting, he reasoned. I thought we would get at least 50 downloads. After all, we still had over 300 likes on the PTC Media Facebook page. Plus, there were still people subscribed to the podcast on iTunes. It would be interesting to see how this would play out and who would be correct.

By Monday morning we had received over 50 downloads of the show. To tell the truth, both Chris and I were surprised. I sent Chris a note asking him how long he thought it would be before we reached the 100 mark. We reached that mark and downloads still kept happening. I checked the stats as I wrote the podcast and discovered we are now over 200 downloads! That may not seem like much when you compare it to some well known podcasts but for a podcast that was retired 3 years ago? I am still amazed that people want to listen to us, and we do thank you for support of the podcast.

Maybe that Scout leader who sent that email was correct. Maybe there still is a need for more Scouting themed podcasts. Unfortunately, Chris and I may not be the ones to produce a weekly or monthly podcast anymore, but there must be someone out there willing to do one.

PS: As far as I know there are currently only two Scouting related audio podcasts that I found. The first is Cubcast, produced by the Boy Scouts of America. The other is the Scoutmastercg Podcast by Clarke Green. Check them out when you have a chance.

3 Responses to “The Leaders Campfire: “I’m Not Dead Yet”?”

  1. Steve Mahoney says:

    When I saw a podcast with a current date I thought someone had accidentally resale a file. I was thrilled to find out it was a new podcast! I still remember meeting Adam when he was staffing Trainer’s EDGE and he told me it had just been decided to end the PTC shows. It was a sad message.

    BSA national puts out two podcasts currently. Cub cast and ScoutCast. But Clarke’s is the best. I’d love to hear some new PTC casts.

  2. stevejb68 says:

    I hope you enjoyed listening to the new show Steve. Chris and I had fun putting it together.

  3. Rob Carignan says:

    Every so often a search for podcasts of subjects that interest me. For some reason yesterday I went to PTC and was surprised to see a new podcast. Now that I am an Assistant SM I’m interested in Scout material rather than just Cub Scouts like I had been. I was disappointing the way PTC media dropped off the podcast earth.

    Rob Carignan
    ASM, Troop 1
    Portland, Maine
    Pine Tree Council

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