Dating An Eagle Scout

on March 10, 2009 in Eagle, Humor

Nearly two years ago I wrote a blog post that reprinted a list by Michael Conkey about the rules for a young man to follow if he wished to date his daughter. The list included that the young man must be an Eagle Scout, follow the Scout Law, and follow the two deep leadership rule, among other things. (You can read the blog post HERE.)

My attention has recently been drawn to a website by a note I read on Twitter from LatterDay_Scout. The website, Scouter Stuff, has a series of shirts for sale that go along with “the rules for dating” very well. The shirts state, “I only date Eagle Scouts”, and are available in several styles and sizes. They can be seen at

Fellow Twitterer krisleeb asked the question, “What about those of us who married Eagle Scouts?” It sounds to me like the Scouter Stuff needs to add another series of shirts to their store.

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      That’s hilarious.

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