Twenty Videos of Buttons

on March 8, 2009 in podcast

Wow. I did not realize this until today, but there are twenty videos that feature Buttons, the radical Boy Scout, so far. That is almost enough for a television season. Does that mean it is time to consider a season #2?

When I first starting creating videos with Buttons I did it as an experiment. Could I make him interesting enough, and life-like enough, to where people would watch him? Over the last two years I think I have my answer. In 2008, the videos featuring Buttons and friends received over 36,000 hits through the podcast and website. (That does NOT include the hits on Youtube.) He seems to have a small fan base out there in internet land. And my mother gets a real kick out of watching his videos also.

Here is a current list of the video of Buttons, the radical Boy Scout:
Buttons in “The Scout Oath”
Buttons in “The Scout Oath (almost)
Buttons in “The Scout Law”
Buttons and the Scout Motto
Buttons in “The Cub Scout Promise” (giggles)
Buttons in Physically Strong (This one happens to be my favorite.)
Buttons interviews Eymard, the assistant scoutmaster.
Buttons in “The Cub Scout Promise” (Law of the Pack)
Buttons in “You Know You Are A Boy Scout When… Part 1”
Buttons’ Cub Scout Visit and Big Announcement
Buttons in “You Know You Are A Boy Scout When… Part 2”
Buttons in “Rec Room Tour”
Buttons and the Outdoor Code
Buttons in “Playing Broomball”
Buttons’ Announcement About MSPP
The Buttons and Randall Show, Part 1
The Buttons and Randall Show, Part 2
Buttons reads the Farewell Message of Baden-Powell
Buttons Learns About Girl Scouting
The Buttons and Randall Show, Part 3

All these videos can be found through the Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast. Many of them can also be found on the Troop 68 website and on Youtube. A few can be found on the Yahoo video site.

Buttons will be branching out a little in the future. In addition to a new video that is in production, Buttons and Scoutmaster Steve (yeah, me) will be experimenting with creating an audio podcast about Scouting. Stay tuned and keep watching this blog for further announcements.

By the way, which ones have been your favorite videos featuring that radical Boy Scout?

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