Philmont Grace

on March 4, 2009 in Philmont

I visited Philmont Scout Ranch for the first time in 1984 when I attended the Training Center for a scoutmaster fundamentals course. I quickly became familiar with a prayer known as the Philmont Grace, and have used it during the following five backpacking treks to Philmont and many troop outings.

For food, for raiment, for life, for opportunity, for friendship and fellowship, we thank Thee, Oh Lord. Amen.

For Food – We thank the Lord for every meal; breakfast, lunch, and supper, and even snacks. We thank Him for nourishment and substanence.

For Raiment – We thank the Lord for the clothing that keeps us warm when it is cold, dry when it is raining, and for providing protection from insects and scrapes while camping.

For Life – We thank the Lord for giving us life. We pray that we live our lives well and according to His will. When I think about the statistics of someone other then ME being conceived and born, it just blows my mind.

For Opportunity – We thank the Lord for the opportunities given to us each and every day. We pray for the wisdom to make the most of those opportunities presented to us.

For Friendship and Fellowship – We thank the Lord each day for our friends and family. Do not take them for granted. After a good friend of mine committed suicide last summer I value my friendships a lot more then before.

We Thank Thee, Oh Lord. Amen – We thank the Lord for everything we have. Without His goodness and love we would have nothing and be next to worthless.

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