Scout Trivia: General Trivia

on March 1, 2009 in trivia

It is that time once again. A new month begins so it is time for another ten questions from the Scout Mania trivia book. The theme this month is “General Trivia”. Keep in mind, these questions are based on the 1984 Boy Scouts of America Scout Handbook, not the current handbook. Are you ready to begin?

(Question answers will be written at the bottom of this post, and are from the Scout Mania book. No cheating is allowed, after all, you are a Boy Scout or Scout leader, correct?)

1) What symbol was used on the quartermaster patch before the backpack?

2) What branch of Scouting for older boys became an official part of the Scouting movement in 1912?

3) What is the official magazine for Boy Scouts?

4) What is the proper way to prepare a neckerchief for wearing?

5) What animal is the Boy’s Life mascot?

6) What is the minimum age requirement for Explorers?

7) What is the name of the Boy’s Life mascot?

8) What three functions of the body are served by drinking water?

9) When cooking over coals, how can you tell what the temperature is?

10) You can check off all your needs for camping on one hand. They are?

Okay, do you have you answers chosen?
Are you ready for the correct answers according to the 1984 Scout Mania Trivia book?
Here they are….

1) The wagon wheel and key.
2) The Sea Scouts.
3) Boy’s Life
4) Roll the long edge of the neckerchief to about 6 inches from the tip.
5) A Burro (donkey)
6) Fourteen, and completion of the 8th grade.
7) Pedro.
8) Digests food, Carries away waste from the kidneys, Regulates the heat of the body when you sweat.
9) By placing your hand over the coals and counting the number of seconds you can hold it there.
10) Sleeping, eating, being clean, being prepared, extras.

Did you do well? Stay tuned for more trivia in future postings.

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  1. ldeclaire says:

    hello, I am looking for a book and wondering if you may have heard of it. My father said that one of his favorite books when he was little was about some boyscouts and their adventures. He said that the boyscouts had a donkey that ate dynamite and the scouts were worried about the donkey blowing up. he thinks that the title has something to do with T bone patrol. Do you know this book, author and or title? I would like to find the book for him. Thanks, Laura

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