Another Scouting Podcast – Update

on January 26, 2009 in podcast

Those of you who follow this blog know that I produce a video podcast known as Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast (MSPP). I have recently been asked to produce an audio podcast based on the material found in those video podcasts. I really do not think transferring the four to seven minute video podcasts would make for a good audio podcast so I have been giving the matter some thought on how to expand it to a 15 to 30 minute audio podcast.

I do not want the new podcast to be about how to be a better Scout leader or how to improve your pack or troop program. There are already podcasts out there that do just that, including An Hour A Week, the Scoutmaster Minute, the Leader’s Campfire. The MSPP video podcast was designed to be entertainment for Scouts and their families from the start. I think the new audio podcast should be the same.

Before I begin creating a new audio podcast, I wanted to have a format to follow from episode to episode. After a couple weeks of thinking about it I think I have come up with a plan:
a) Opening music and intro
b) Monologue
c) Buttons’ Corner
d) Commercial (if anyone decides to sponsor the program.)
e) Around the Campfire
f) Buttons’ Shout Out
g) Scout Leader Minute
h) Closing theme/music

The Opening Monologue would be a short discussion between Buttons and myself about what is featured in that episode. I have already played around with the monologue for the first episode and discovered Buttons can be a hard person to talk to. (I am beginning to feel like I have multiple personalities.)

Buttons’ Corner would feature the audio from one of his videos, or his thoughts about Scouting in general. He could even answer a question or two sent in by a listener, which means I would have to set up an email address for him.

Around the Campfire would feature a song found in one of the videos, or maybe a campfire story. This part of the podcast could be as short as a couple minutes (if it is a song) or quite a bit longer (if it is a story). I have a few Scouting based novels from the 1910’s through the 1920’s that might make for a continuing storyline.

Buttons’ Shout Out will be moment for Buttons to recognize Scouts, packs, or troops that write to him or send him something special. I have received a couple requests for something like this. I think it could keep the show a little more interactive with the listening audience.

The Scout Leader’s Minute would end the episode with a short story or thought, similar to the Scoutmaster’s Minute at the end of a troop meeting.

I would like to know what you think about this format for a new podcast. I also need ideas for a name for it. Right now I am thinking about simply calling it the Melrose Scouting Audio Podcast, but I am open to suggestions. You can email me at

5 Responses to “Another Scouting Podcast – Update”

  1. Dan - Scouting News says:

    To be honest I prefer video however it sounds like you’ve sketched out a good audio podcast. Sounds like it would be easy to include current events which is a big plus.

    Good Luck,

  2. Nick Wood says:

    This sounds like a great idea Steve.
    I like the idea of Buttons having his own sections as I think these could be quite funny!
    I also believe that if the Around the Campfire feature is along the lines of the reading you did at Christmas, then you are on to a winner.

    As to the title, without wanting to give Buttons delusions of grandeur, how about the Buttons the Radical Boy Scout’s Show!

    All the best


  3. Garry K. says:

    I approve of the format. I enjoy the videos but it is often hard to hear. Since your troop has no issue performing, Maybe you could get them to come over some Saturday and cut 15 or so songs. I’d be willing to give you $0.15 or so for each song.
    It’s often hard looking at lyrics to imagine the tune. A quick listen before a meeting would give us a better idea as to how it should go.

  4. westybsa says:

    I allows liked how you were able to combine news with stories. Sounds like a great idea.

  5. Sergio says:

    I’ll listen, just don’t burn yourself out Steve.

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