A Trading Post! Not A Ranger’s Cabin.

on December 7, 2013 in collections, Holiday

I screwed up. I took out all my Scouting Village pieces this afternoon to set them up for Christmas. I was kind of excited because not only was I able to get all of this year’s pieces but my local Scout Shop was able to find the piece I missed from last year, the lighted Ranger’s Cabin. I thought I would be able to set up the whole collection!

I was wrong.

I discovered that I now own two Ranger’s Cabins. I was not missing the cabin. I was missing last year’s Trading Post! Arrrrrggggg! I should have looked in the cabinet one more time before I had the Scout Shop find me the piece I thought I was missing. I am rather upset with myself. I thought I would be able to post a picture to this blog featuring both year’s collections.

I took a quick look on eBay and did not like what I found. People are selling the $12.99 Trading Post for $75.00 as a starting bid. The cheapest bidding I found was for $40.00, but there are three days left in the auction so I know where that is going. One seller posted a Trading Post as a “buy it now” purchase of $129.00. Sorry, but I am not interested in paying that much for one piece. This are not Dept. 56 Village pieces, you know.

Well, I guess my Scouting village will have two Ranger’s Cabins. I will have to pretend that one is used as a trading post.

3 Responses to “A Trading Post! Not A Ranger’s Cabin.”

  1. Ryan Barnette says:

    Good afternoon. I have a trading post available. I am not sure what your budget is but I could sell it for $60 including the $15 shipping to get it to you. Just let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

  2. stevejb68 says:

    Thanks for the offer Ryan, but I don’t plan to pay that much for an item that was $12.99 when it came out last year. I will go without one if I have to pay that much.

  3. Juan Lopez says:

    I have one for $35 but I live in San Marcos CA with other ones as well

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