MSPP #58: Rapping Bunny Foo Foo

on December 28, 2008 in campfire, podcast

I am sure that you have heard the story and sang about Little Bunny Foo Foo at some point in your time involved in Scouting. You may have even lead the song during a campfire or pack program. Cub Scouts love the song. Boy Scouts think it is cutesy. And adults groan at the punchline. But everyone agrees it is a classic song for a Scouting event.

Now what happens to our bunny friend when some Boy Scouts decide to update his story? They give the song a harder beat. And they perform it in a (gasp!) rapping style. The result is a slightly new version of the song with a touch of comedy thrown in for good measure. The words are unchanged, but the melody may never be the same again. Be warned, this version may stick with you a while after watching it.

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