MSPP #57: Dirty Sock Song

on December 20, 2008 in podcast

Welcome back to the Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast. (You know, I think I made the title of this podcast waaay too long.) It is time for the Boy Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 to entertain you once again with another song from one of their Laughs For Lunch Shows.

The troop calls this little diddy the Dirty Sock Song, because it is about dirty socks and the unique smell that comes along with them. You know the smell, right? Have you shared a tent with a fellow camper who’s feet have a strong aroma? Maybe you have to keep his shoes and socks about 50 yards away from the tent so you can breath easily while you sleep. Maybe you find dead mice around your tent due to the poisonous fumes from the socks? Those are the type of feet this song is all about.

If you enjoy this song and would like to perform it during your next campfire program I have conveniently posted the words on our troop’s website at

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