Join My Gang

on June 8, 2008 in Scouting

We hear so much about gangs these days and the problems they can cause in a community. I found a short article about gangs that I think you may enjoy reading. It is written by David B. Disch, an assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 8, Tuscarora Council, Goldsboro, NC. Here is a short except from the article:

I will only mention some of the other gangs by name. I do this not because I do not know anything about them, but because I wish to spend my time allowed in this paper to discuss the advantages of joining my gang. These gangs, the Bloods and the Crips out of Los Angeles, California, the Folk, and Black Gangster Disciples, out of Chicago, Illinois, are only four of the more well known gangs. What is sad is that here in Goldsboro, North Carolina, our children are starting to emulate, at least by the names of the gangs, these groups. It was earlier thought that delinquent gangs were highly disorganized groups whose members behaved impulsively, and in which there was no particular goal or organized direction for conduct. (2) Gangs offer many things that homes and families today cannot. Gangs offer a sense of belonging. They offer loyalty to each other. Gang members speak of their fellow “gang bangers” as family. Gangs are identified by the colors of their clothing and have a distinct rank structure.

He then goes on to talk about the Boy Scouts as a type of gang. A good type of gang. A gang that helps the community instead of bringing harm to it. You can read the whole article at

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