Camp Watchamagumee 2008

on June 4, 2008 in Activity, camping

Eight Boy Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 had a great weekend during their annual trip to Camp Watchamagumee over the Memorial Day Weekend. The troop arrived at camp on Friday, May 23, and stayed until the morning of Monday, May 26.

The Scouts accomplished a lot during the weekend. They began by reviewing the safety rules when using a saw or ax, and using campfires. They played games including kick ball and their favorite, Cature the Flag. The also spent a couple hours working on campsite improvements.

Building things seemed to be the theme of the outing. One group of Scouts built a raft. Another group worked on building a dock in the pond. A new treehouse was started but will take one more afternoon to complete.

Of course, it would not be a Watchamagumee weekend if the troop did not hold its annual Egg Drop Competition. The Scouts formed four teams that would create a package for an egg using only natural materials found in the woods. The packages would then be dropped from various heights. If the egg survived without cracking or breaking, the package would move on to the next level.

Each evening ended by sitting around the campfire. Each patrol had its own campfire on Friday night. The troop gathered around one campfire on Saturday for lots of stories to be told. During the Sunday night campfire program the Scouts did songs and skits, and played “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”.

The troop would like to express their thanks to Mr. Duevel and Kraemer Lumber for their assistance in the treehouse project, and to Vern and Melvin Klasen for allowing us to use their land.

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