The Scout Law song

on May 4, 2008 in Scout Law

Would you like to listen to something a little different about Scouting. In particular, the Scout Law? A little song that just might stick with you for awhile?

A group called the Croutons, a duo from Arizona, has recorded a song called The Scout Law, and it actually is about the Scout Law. The song uses the Scout Law as its refrain. The three verses cover the meaning of each of the twelve points. From bit and pieces that I have found on the internet, it appears the the Croutons have been performing this song as part of their act for at least five years. (I have not listened to their other music yet, so I am not sure if their other songs are family appropriate.)

I like the The Scout Law. Oh, it is not going to win a Grammy, and it is not going to earn a million dollars for the two guys, especially since the song is a free download online. But it has a good beat, and it is just silly enough to be fun.

You can download the song (for free) at by clicking HERE. After you listen to it leave a comment on how you liked it, or did not like it.

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  1. Chris in Florida says:

    Thank you. My Webelo just memorized the song with your help.

  2. Julie says:

    I tried to download the Scout Law song, but was not able to. How do I get a copy? I'd like my sons to use this so the can prepare for their blue & gold dinner. Thanks,

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