Jamboree Scoutmaster and Wood Badge

on April 27, 2008 in Jamboree

I have been thinking about applying with the council to be a scoutmaster for one of the troops that our council will be sending to the 2010 National Jamboree. In my last post I wrote about what the costs would be, and that I am now rethinking about being a Jamboree scoutmaster. Well, there is one more item to throw into that equation.

I have a copy of the “Council Jamboree Guide” that was sent to all councils by the National Office. I was looking over the unit leader qualifications for the Jamboree scoutmaster and noticed that it states, “Completion of Wood Badge for the 21st Century”. I zoned in on the words “21st Century” very quickly.

I completed the Wood Badge course and received my beads in the early-nineties, before the revision of the course made it “prepare us” for the 21st Century. I am right in feeling that the National Office is now telling me that my training is no longing adequate for today’s Scouting program? I did not think Scouting has changed that much.

I asked my council’s Jamboree chairman if all leaders going to the 2010 event would need to retake the course if we were part of the “20th century” course. He did not have an answer for me but said he would look into it.

Well, if the national office wants all adult leaders to have taken the “21st Century” Wood Badge training, then I think I can make my decision about being a Jamboree scoutmaster. And that decision will be “NO”. I do not intend to spend another $200 on a Wood Badge training fee, buy or prepare another uniform just for Wood Badge, and spend two weekends going through the course.

I am not going to spend a total of $3500 or more to attend the Jamboree. It is not worth it to me. I am sorry, but it is not. That $3500 can be spend on 2-3 Philmont trips, or dozens of big troop weekends. And to tell the truth, I think I would enjoy those more, and would be able to spend more quality time with my Boy Scouts.

I know the last two blog entries seem to be a downer, but hey, can I help it if things are going to cost so much. I am not Bill Gates after all.

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  1. CJ says:

    Hey Steve,

    Just wanted to let you know that Wood Badge for the 21st Century no longer requires a special uniform–you wear the uniform of your current Scouting position.

    I myself hadn’t heard about the “requirement” to have completed Wood Badge for the 21st Century in order to be a Scoutmaster for the 2010 Jamboree…very interesting.

  2. Scouter4Life says:

    I’m with you brother. It seems that National is really pushing the new Wood Badge. I have a friend who is the course director for next years’ WB course. He wants me to be on his staff but now National says you have to have taken 21st Century to be on staff now. Well my beads have expired and I am no longer qualified. (Sorry, my attitude came out there for a second).
    I am sure there will be enough 21st Century trained WB’ers to be SM’s for the Jamboree. I’ll just have to wait for the commemorative DVD to come out!(There’s that pesky attitude again!)
    Keep on Scouting anyway! Remember, it’s for the boys!!

  3. Nick Wood says:


    It think this shows an interesting difference between the training programmes of the BSA and the SA in the UK.
    Normally, the only costs involved in training in the UK are to do with hiring facilities and buying food. For example, when I completed my Wood Badge course over a full weekend earlier this year it cost me £10 so I’d be fed!
    Now I have my Wood Badge (which is not an option in the UK by the way), I am trained, but I still need to do at least 5 hours training per year so I keep up to date and don’t get ‘rusty’.
    I think to have to pay $200 is a bit ‘off’.

    I’ve been having a conversation with Jerry of the Scoutmaster Minute on the same theme of training and the differences are most interesting.

    Jamborees are always expensive. One of my young leaders went to the 2007 Centenary Jamboree last year and it cost her over £1200! Goodness knows how much it would have cost to come from the States for example!

    Yours in Scouting


  4. Scoutmaster Steve B. says:

    Thanks for your comments gentlemen. I do appreciate them.

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