YouTube Tuesday: The Rayado Ruffians

on April 19, 2011 in Philmont

And now, it is time for a little musical number from a place known as Philmont Scout Ranch in a land called New Mexico. Let us watch and listen to a group of minstrels that go by the name of the Rayado Ruffians as they play the little tune, “Cindy”.

(This tune was posted to Youtube in 2009 by TheMrRayado.) 696

100 Days of Scouting: Day 71.

One Response to “YouTube Tuesday: The Rayado Ruffians”

  1. The Mr Rayado says:

    Dear Mr. Scoutmaster:

    We are sure glad you enjoyed the video. We thought it was a nice way to showcase a little of what makes Philmont so very special. And provide a bit of homesickness for all of us who need to go back.
    Inasmuch as we are just one of many fine orchestrial groups to come out of Rayado, New Mexico, (the cultural center of Colfax County…but you already knew that) we feel it is our civic duty to share.

    If your ever town make sure you stop by.

    From the edge of the horizon,

    Preston Beck

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