YouTube Tuesday: If I Weren’t On Camp Staff…

on March 15, 2011 in campfire

I enjoy a good campfire program. You can easily tell when a camp staff has rehearsed the skits and songs, and when they themselves are having a good time. That good time spreads to the campers and makes for a great evening. When you get the campers laughing you know you have done your job well.

Today’s video for YouTube Tuesday features a camp staff that must have spent a lot of time practicing because the skit they performed was done flawlessly. The timing was perfect. The audience had a fantastic time watching them. You really do not want me to explain this video. You just need to sit back, watch and enjoy it. Then grab a few people and start practicing it yourselves for this summer camp programs. (1349)

100 Days Of Scouting: Day 36.

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  1. Phil Peck says:

    That’s awesome. What a great skit and a fun looking set of staffers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ryan says:

    Here is another great skit that was performed at Ransburg Scout Reservation:

  3. 2.33 Gallons = 1 US Peck » Day 36 – 100 Days Of Scouting says:

    […] a great video of camp staff doing a skit at Camp Pioneer that Scoutmaster Steve posted ( This is an awesome skit. I laughed out loud at my […]

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