100 Days of Scouting: Boy Scout Rank Survey

on March 13, 2011 in Advancement

I was a Boy Scout for about three and one half years. While I had fun as a Scout, and even learned a few things, I did not get very far in the advancement program. Advancement was not pushed much in my troop. If we earned any we pretty much did it on our own, or at camp. Thus, I can say for the rest of my life that I am a Second Class Scout.

How did you do when you were a Boy Scout? Did you barely finish Tenderfoot, or did you go all the way to Eagle Scout. Take this little survey and let’s see how the readers of this blog measure up.

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    1. Phil Peck says:

      Sadly, I was never a Boy Scout. I was one requirement away from my Arrow of Light when I moved and I never joined back up. Something I regret today. I missed out on a ton of fun.

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