100 Days of Scouting: Trivia Time

on March 2, 2011 in trivia

It is the fourth week of 100 Days of Scouting. That means it is time for another trivia quiz about Boy Scouting, based on the 1984 edition of the Boy Scout Handbook. Will you do better this week then you have with the previous quizzes? I guess we will have an answer to that question a few minutes from now. Today’s questions come from the “People and Places” section of the Scout Mania trivia book. (Keep in mind that these questions were based on the 1984 edition of the Boy Scout Handbook. This is important to keep in mind as you take this quiz.) Good Luck!

1) What is the name of the entity charged with operating a pack, troop, or post?

2) From what did Lord Baden-Powell develop the Scout Motto and Scout Law?

3) What famous Scouting artist was awarded the Silver Buffalo?

4) Which President was awarded the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award?

5) Who sits on the patrol leader council?

6) How many national High Adventure Base Camps are available to Scouts and Explorers?

7) How many people make up a good wilderness backpacking crew?

8 ) Who is the only man designated Chief Scout Citizen?

9) What is the maximum number of people in a group for a wilderness expedition?

10) What group is responsible for the troop’s welfare?

That brings this ten question quiz to a close.

I hope you studied this time,

after all, you want to look good in front of the Scouts.

Don’t you?

Even a little bit?

Okay then, here are the answers.

Hopefully, you get at least seven correct.

This time.

1) A chartered organization.
2) The Knight’s Code.
3) Norman Rockwell.
4) Gerald Ford
5) Senior patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, patrol leaders, scoutmaster.
6) Five.
7) Four.
8 ) Theodore Roosevelt
9) Eight to ten, including one adult. (Remember, this was before two deep leadership.)
10) The troop committee.

How did you do this week? Leave a comment and let us know.

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