100 Days Of Scouting: Trivia Time

on February 16, 2011 in trivia

As we enter the second week of 100 Days of Scouting, I thought it might be fun to ask you all a few trivia questions and see how you do. Just like in previous trivia posts, the questions from this one come from the 1986 Scout Trivia book. These questions are taken from the “Social Skills” section of the book. (Keep in mind that these questions were based on the 1984 edition of the Boy Scout Handbook.) Good Luck!

1) What causes fainting?

2) Which flag was raised over General George Washington’s headquarters on January 1, 1776?

3) There are seven basic silent Scout hand signals to direct a group of Scouts. Name four.

4) Most accidents are minor. Name three accidents called “hurry cases”.

5) What part of the Boy Scout uniform can be used as a cravat bandage?

6) Why would a few coins in your pocket be helpful in an emergency?

7) What system of signaling uses two flags?

8 ) What is the dignified way to destroy a Uniter States flag?

9) What direction does blood flow in an artery?

10) What are three ways you can make your community the best it can be?

Are you done?

Are you sure of your answers?

You are? Hmmmmm.

You better look them over one more time.

By the way, this is 100 Days of Scouting, Day 9.

Okay then, here are the answers…

if you are sure you are ready for them.

1) Not enough blood going to the brain.
2) The Grand Union Flag.
3) Single rank, council, troop circle, open columns, close columns, parallel file, dismissal.
4) Breathing has stopped, blood is spurting, poison has been swallowed, heart attack.
5) Scout neckerchief.
6) They can be used for a pay phone. (If you can find one in 2011.)
7) Semaphore code.
8 ) Burn it.
9) Away from the heart to the body.
10) Know your community, take part in it, feel pride in it.

How did you do? Which questions caused you to get out your old handbook?

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