Boy Scout Commemorative Rifles

on February 3, 2011 in collections, Memorabilia, Philmont

Cub Scouts like BB guns. Boy Scouts like rifles and shotguns. Check out the shooting ranges at Scout camps if you do not believe me. They are usually very busy places. Boys enjoy shooting at targets.

If you are a registered Cub Scout or Boy Scout leader you receive Scouting Magazine, an official magazine of the BSA. It is loaded with articles to help adult leaders and stories of interest. Recently, some advertisements have caught my attention. A few gun manufacturers have been busy creating Boy Scouts of America commemorative rifles. Here are a few of them.

Henry Repeating Arms has created a 22 rifle to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the B.S.A. This special rifle features the Scouts Oath, Scouts Law, scrollwork and traditional Boy Scouts of America logo embellishing the receiver, as well as a 100 Years of Scouting logo and Centennial Edition gold filled etchings in the buttstock and forearm. It can be seen at their website.

Henry Repeating Arms has also created a special edition Philmont Scout Ranch Rifle. The website states “This Henry Frontier Lever .22 is offered with the Philmont® Black Bull logo embellished with 18 kt. gold plate on the right side of the dark receiver cover. Into the right side of the American walnut stock is laser etched and hand painted in multiple colors a rendering of Philmont’s iconic Tooth of Time, a 9,003 foot molar in the sky with the words TOOTH OF TIME blazoned underneath the mountain’s slope. On the forearm is the Philmont® scripted emblem bracketed by the Slash backwards S horse brand and the Bar P backwards S cattle brand burned into the wood.”

The final rifle I would like to highlight is the Ruger Boy Scout 10/22 Rifle. The website states “Saluting the Boy Scouts of America in a manner befitting their heritage and spirit of adventure.The officially licensed Ruger model number 1255 features precision laser embellishment on a classically rich walnut stock and a special factory serial number.”

I do not own a rifle. I thought it would be great to add one or two of these guns to my Scouting collection. Until I saw the price. I did not realize that rifles could be so pricey. These guns have a MSRP of $480 to $600. That is a little pricey for me. But it sure would be fun to bring one to camp (if allowed) and show it off to the boys and the staff.

Have any of you bought a special Scouting commemorative rifle? Have you shot it? Leave a comment, along with a picture.

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  1. The price kind of drives me off from getting one of the commemorative rifles, but they seem to come out with another one just about every year. Before the 2010 ones, they had one for the Venturing 10th anniversary.

    Eventually I may buy one, the Ruger 10/22 I really like, and it looks like it is just the Sportster model with the fancy embellishments. The price jump on MSRP is from #366 to $479 between the two. So I’m wondering if any of the extra $113 goes back to the BSA?

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  3. Glenn P. says:

    I am the owner of the 75th Anniversary Winchester rifle I got back in 1988 as I was in scouts at the time. It is a lovely rifle but as the cost of the rifle is rather high as compared to similar 22’s AND the fact that it looses value if you shoot it it has sat in my gunsafe, new in the attractive box for over 25 years. I have gotten it out and shown a few people and then put it back. If you own one I think you need to have a nice display case so that you can see and admire the beauty of such a firearm. Due to potential theft and kids in the house I do not go this route. I have essentially decided to never purchase any more firearms unless I plan on shooting them and this commemorative rifle is the only one of that type I have. Just my thoughts. A Ruger 10/22 can be purchased new for around $250 on sale so spending $479 is a bit of a premium for the BSA logo version.

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