Cub Scout Casper, Boy Scout Clark.

on August 14, 2007 in Cub Scout

To tell the truth, I have no idea why I have been on a string of Scouting in Comics this last week. But I have enjoyed it, and I get a feeling that many of you who read this blog have enjoyed these posts too. That being said, I have two more things to add to the “comics” list.

I came across this today on eBay. Someone is auctioning a comic book in which Casper, the friendly Ghost, becomes a Cub Scout. It is a 1975 special edition to celebrate the BSA’s 65th anniversary. I would not mind bidding on the comic book since it has a starting bid of only $1.99. However, the postage price is pretty steep at $5.60. It really should not cost more then $1.50 to ship a comic book. Besides, now that I have told you all about it, it will probably go for over $150.00. (smiles to myself)

After all, I have seen what can happen when I post something. I wrote about the nine plush Beagle Scout Snoopy’s for sale on Amazon. I bought two right away for 3.99 apiece. Good thing I did. The next day, when I thought I should buy a couple more to use as gifts, I noticed all the cheap ones were gone and I would have to pay more for the next ones I bought. I looked again as I was writing this article and noticed there are now only two left. Coincidence? I think not!

The second thing about comics that came to mind today is that Superman has been called a Boy Scout many times. It was done in the comic books, in the movies, and even in the newest incarnation on television, Smallville. Unfortunately, it is usually said when people are making fun about Superman or Clark Kent. You know, who cares? Superman is a great role model. I am glad that even though Superman never was a Boy Scout, people regard his trustworthiness, loyalty, and bravery as Boy Scout attributes.

Well, this is probably the last post about this topic. I hope you have enjoyed it. Don’t forget to leave a comment and enter this month’s drawing.

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    3 Responses to “Cub Scout Casper, Boy Scout Clark.”

    1. Jim says:

      Hey Steve!

      I checked out that auction and the shipping is $5.60 because they are shipping it Priority! Yeah, he could stick it in an envelope for a buck and a half but you’re not getting as much assurance for your $$. By the way, I’m a Postal employee. I watch for these things!

    2. B C Justice says:

      I read on one of my list groups recently about Scout councils auctioning stuff on Ebay to raise money.

      After seeing Spiderman 3 at a drive-in on the way to summer camp this year, our Scouts are GLAD Spiderman isn’t a Scout. We’ll keep Superman as a role model, thank you!

      -Byron C. Justice

    3. Michael says:

      Al Harvey, who founded Harvey Comics, was an Eagle Scout. Because of this he allowed Casper to be a ‘spokestoon’ for Cub Scouting for many years AND used Rich Richie for promoting Boy Scouts (not as well known).

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