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on July 22, 2007 in summer camp

Scott was a typical Boy Scout in many ways. He began as a Tiger Scout, became a Bobcat, then a Wolf, and then a Bear. His father was his Webelos den leader. Both of them graduated into Boy Scout Troop 68. Scott would go on to earn seventeen merit badges and his Life Rank. His father became an assistant scoutmaster and troop chaplain.

Scott attended summer camp at Many Point Scout Camp a few times as a member of the troop. He liked Many Point so well the he and a friend of his became Councilors in Training (CIT) one summer. After he graduated from high school Scott began to spend his summers at Many Point working on the staff. During those years he would switch camps in which he would work, one year at Buckskin, the next at Ten Chiefs, and a few years at Family Camp. The beach areas were a favorite of Scott’s so it came as no surprise when he became the Aquatics Director of one of the camps. Scott loved being outdoors and could not get interested in a job in which he would have to spend his summers in some air conditioned building.

As the years went by Scott continued to work at Many Point. He saw many young men and women come and go as staff members. He began to spend more time each year at camp, arriving earlier, and leaving later, then the camp staff. He began taking on more duties and responsibilities. It did not take long for Many Point to become Scott’s unofficial home.

When the camp’s head ranger announced that he would retire, and that the assistant ranger would step up to replace him, Scott wasted no time in applying for the assistant ranger position. It was a position that Scott had had his eye on for a few years. It came as no suprise to me when I heard that Scott was offered the position and had accepted the offer.

And so Scott, an alumni of Melrose Troop 68, became a full time ranger for the very camp he had attended as a Boy Scout. Many Point had become his official home. I was happy for him, and proud of him. It had reached the goal he had set for himself.

This week eight boys from Troop 68 attended Many Point Scout Camp. Tuesday morning, while the Scouts were having breakfast in the dining hall, Scott stopped by our table to visit with us, catch up a bit with the adult leaders, and meet the troop’s newest Scouts. He told us he really loves his job, and that there could be a wedding in his future, to a girl he met while working at the camp. I wish him the best as he looks toward his future.

As a scoutmaster, it is great to visit with former troop members. It is especially pleasing to hear that they are doing well with their lives. A Scout leader always hopes that the brief time a boy spends in Scouting will have a positive impact on his life. In Scott’s case, in was more then just an impact. It became a career.

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