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If you follow The Buckets comic strip you know that the youngest member of the household, Eddie, is a Cub Scout, and his father is a Pack leader. A few times a year Greg Cravens, the creator of the strip, uses his comic to share a humorous look at the world of Cub Scouting. Mr. Cravens obvious knows a little about the Scouting program because his comics can hit very close to home. I am sure many Pack Leaders and families can identify with the situations he shares with us. ( I sometimes wonder if Mr. Cravens is not a Cub Scout leader in his community.)

Mr. Cravens recently featured a weeklong series in which the Cub Scout Pack goes on a camping trip. If you have ever taken Scouts on a camping trip I am sure you will find these hitting the mark. Here is a quick rundown of the comic strips and the links:

A trip is announced / A pocket knife is needed: Click HERE.
The first rule of camping: Click HERE.
My last dry clothes: Click HERE.
How to gather the Scouts: Click HERE.
Texting while hiking: Click HERE.
A tick is on me! : Click HERE.

While these comic strips feature Cub Scout age boys, many of them could also apply to Boy Scout age youth. Enjoy.

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    Men like their trucks. Young boys like playing with their small trucks. Both like monster trucks. When Cub Scouts are invited to tour the shop of a monster truck you can bet they and their fathers are going to attend.

    Paul Strong, owner and driver of the monster truck, Martial Law, and Kaila Savage, driver of Heart Breaker, recently invited two Cub Scout packs and our Boy Scout troop to take a tour of their shop in Albany, Minnesota. Paul showed off some the parts commonly replaced in trucks while explaining how much time is spent working on them to get them ready for the shows. The boys enjoyed the tour and had plenty of questions for Paul.

    After the tour, the Scouts had the chance to crawl inside Heart Breaker to have their picture taken. They also had their photograph taken with Paul and Kaila in front of the truck. The drivers autographed photos of the truck for the boys. The tour ended with Paul and Kaila providing sodas for their guests. Paul even started up the engine of Heart Breaker for the boys to hear. There were a lot of small hands covering ears while the engine roared.

    Pictures of the event can be seen on the troops website at .
    A video or two is being planned to post for the Melrose Scout Productions podcast.

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      The Cub Scouts of Pack 68 and the Boy Scout of Troop 68 held an Open House on Monday, April 18, 2011. The fire department even brought their ladder truck to the event. What do you do for your open houses?

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        The Cub Scouts of Pack 68 had a special field trip on Tuesday, April 26, 2011. Two members of the local volunteer fire department gave the boys a tour of the firehall and of the trucks used by the fireman. The Scouts were able to see some of the equipment used by the men.

        After the tour, the boys received an awesome treat when they were allowed to sit in the firetrucks and see what it is like behind the steering wheel of these large trucks. They enjoyed themselves, and I am sure this is one day they will remember for a long time.

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          The Cub Scout Meeting.

          I went to Cub Scout Pack 68′s pack meeting tonight. At least, I thought it was a pack meeting night. You could say it was more of a den meeting involving the whole pack.

          The pack meets at the meeting room at the city firehall. Two volunteer firemen were there to give the Cub Scouts a tour of the firehall and show them the various fire trucks. The boys’ attention spans were short tonight so we quickly moved from one truck to the next. The tour ended with a chance for the boys to sit in a couple of the trucks. They really enjoyed that.

          The second part of the meeting paired the boys were their fathers (or one of the fathers if their own was not able to make it.) The groups were given uncooked spaghetti and large  marshmallows  and told to create towers. It was like playing with a cheap tinker toy set. The dad’s help the boys to understand the need for diagonal bracing to create stronger “structures”. Some teams created tall towers while others creates strong structures that could carry nearly a pound of rocks before collapsing.

          To tell the truth, I think the dads had just as much fun as the Cub Scouts.

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            Boy Scout Troop 68 and Cub Scout Pack 68 held an open house on Monday, April 18, at St. Mary’s School gym. Flyers were sent to the schools. Posters were hung around town. An article was printed in the newspaper. We were set to welcome new boys into the Scouting program.

            I had set up three tables of troop pictures and memorabilia. The Cub Pack had set up one table. The Boy Scouts had four activities planned for new boys to play. We had a fire truck in the parking lot. Most of the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts were in attendance. Even the district executive had come to our open house. All we needed was some new boys and families.

            Unfortunately, no one showed up. No new boys. No new parents. No new families. The only people who stopped by was a gentleman who was the troop’s committee chairman in the early 1980′s, and his wife. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. I was hoping to see at least a few Cub Scout age boys stop by. But nope. No one. Notta. Zilch.

            It was time for plan B. We sent the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts out to the parking lot to check out the fire department’s ladder truck. The boys had a great time climbing on it, sitting in it, and looking over the equipment. We were able to get some great photos and video (which I hope to post to the Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast.)

            By 7:20 we realized that no one was probably going to show up so I had the Cub Scouts go through the four activities planned by the Boy Scouts. The Cub Scouts had fun, and the Boy Scouts had a chance to work with and get to know the younger boys. I guess you could say it was a win/win situation for both groups. The Cub Pack committee used the time to meet and plan for this summer’s activities. The district executive walked around with my camera taking pictures while I used my iPod to record video of the stations. Parents took some time to look through the troop photo albums I had brought along.

            Even though we did not get any new boys join the pack or troop we were able to fun evening for the boys. I guess you could call that our silver lining. But I am still very disappointed with the turnout.

            100 Days of Scouting: Day #75.

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              I am beginning to panic. Just a little. Boy Scout Troop 68, along with Cub Scout Pack 68 of Melrose, are planning to hold a Scouting Open House on Monday, April 18th. That is only a little over a week away! And hardly anything has been done yet. We are running out of time to promote this event.

              The council has printed flyers to hand out to the public elementary school students and those at St. Mary’s elementary school. Our committee chairperson picked those up today and I have already delivered them to our committee member who teaches at St. Mary’s School. She will also get the flyers to the public school.

              We have ten 16″ x 20″ posters from the council to place around town. (See the picture.) One will be going to each elementary school. Our chairperson has taken a few to bring to Burger King, Dairy Queen, and the two convenience stores in town. That leaves four posters to try to place in windows of Main Street businesses. Hopefully, we will find good spots for them.

              The banks and credit union will allow us to place table displays in their lobbies. The problem is finding time and people to set them up. I do not know if anyone has asked them yet to post a notice on their electronic marquees. We did not plan very well at the last committee committee meeting to decide who would be in charge of doing the things that need to be done.

              Our local newspaper, the Melrose Beacon, is being very supportive. In next week’s edition they will be printing an article about the 100th anniversary of the first Boy Scout Troops formed in Melrose. I have proofread a rough draft of the article and I like it. They have contacted some of the former committee members and a couple troop alumni about their Scouting experiences. The writer, Herman, asked a few of us to meet him at the local historical museum for some pictures next to the Scouting display. He also asked for current pictures of the Cub Scout Pack and the Boy Scout Troop. He was at Dakota’s Eagle court of honor last Saturday so I wonder if that article will also be in this next edition.

              We want to get yard signs set up around town. I have kept the signs from several years ago. There are two kinds from two different years. It would be great to find ten good yards in town, preferably on Main Street and a couple other well traveling streets.

              On the day of the event, the troop and pack will each have a table of information. The pack will have one activity for Cub Scout age boys. The troop is planning four activities for possible new Boy Scouts, but the activities will also be Cub Scout friendly. Those activities will be knot tying (square knot, two half hitches, taut line hitch), frisbee golf, flag and Pledge knowledge, and the human knot untying. We are hoping to be able to tell any Boy Scout age boys that they will already have a few requirements done for awards if they complete these stations.

              What have you done for your open house? What was successful, or not successful? This is new to us so we could use your ideas.

              100 Days of Scouting: Day 59.

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                Tonight is Cub Scout Pack 68′s Blue and Gold Banquet. It will be the first one I have attended in five years. Not because I did not want to attend any, but because there have not been any Webelos Scouts to crossover. That, and I was not invited to the last few of them.

                I will be attending this year’s event. There still are not any Webelos Scouts to crossover, but the Boy Scouts and I have some things to do. The Boy Scouts will be assisting with the opening and closing ceremonies since the Cub Scouts have not had any time to practice.

                I have three reasons to attend the banquet. First, of course, is to present a troop presence along with the Boy Scouts. The second is to present a slideshow I made featuring the pictures I took during the den meetings and Pinewood Derby. I think the boys and parents will get a chuckle out of it. The third reason is to talk about Friends of Scouting. I volunteered to give this presentation to save our district executive a trip to town. He will be coming next week to talk at the troop’s court of honor.

                I hope things go well during the Blue and Gold banquet. I also hope the pack holds together and continues to grow. It would be nice to see some Webelos Scouts crossover in a few years.

                100 Days of Scouting: Day 43.

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