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There is a lot of talk today in the media about “being green”. Isn’t it funny that Scouting has been teaching some of these principles for decades already? Like conservation and recycling. But just in case you need a few more things to keep in mind, here are a few more green statistics.

If just 25 percent of U.S. families used 10 fewer plastic bags a month, we would save more then 2.5 billion bags a year. (Yes, that is billion.)

The average person comsumes twice as much as fifty years ago. (No wonder we have an obesity problem in this country.) –

Every ton of recycled office paper saves 380 gallons of oil. (Not to mention how much trash it keeps out of our landfills.)

And here is one fact that I found to be pretty interesting: There are more roads in our national forests than in the entire U.S. Interstate Highway system. (I am not quite sure what to think about this one.)

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    I have collected dozens of videos over the years that were produced by the Boy Scouts of America. Some od them were commercials, some were training films, and some were inspirational films. A few were a bit corny, but that only added to the charm.

    One little piece of video that seems to have caught a few people’s attention is the animated BSA logo that I use at the start of the Eagle Scout slide shows that I make. A few months ago I posted one of these slideshows to the Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast as an example of an Eagle Scout video. A few of you have wondered where they could pick up a copy of that animation to use in their own slideshows.

    I found the video on a VHS tape produced by the BSA nearly twenty years ago. I have a VHS tape deck near my computer so I copied the animation onto my hard drive. The full size video, 640 x 480 pixels, is a Quicktime movie that is 32.4 MB in size.

    I couple of you have contacted me if I would be able to email the video. Well as you can see, it is a bit large to email. So, I have now posted it online for you to download. If you have access to a way to download Quicktime movies (like Quicktime Pro) you can find this animation at
    Of course, if the BSA sends me a letter telling me to remove it from this site then I will have to take it offline, so I hope they do not mind if other troops use it for their Eagle court of honors and other Scouting films.

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      That’s right! Today, August 17, Button the radical Boy Scout celebrates the two year anniversary of his first appearance in an online video that appeared on Youtube. It has been quite a ride since then. When I look back at those first videos it almost makes me cringe. His talk was slow. His movement were stiff. To tell the truth, at the time I was not sure what I should be doing with him.

      What a difference two years can make. Buttons has developed into a somewhat hyperactive teenager who loves Scouting. He has appeared in videos by himself, with real Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and recently starred in a video with other puppet friends. He has conducted interviews of people in Scouting, gone camping, stayed physically fit, and even tried playing broomball. So far, Buttons has appeared in sixteen videos.

      Buttons has also been a guest on two audio podcasts; An Hour a Week, and Akela’s Adventure. Both podcasts are part of the PTC Media family of Scouting podcasts. Buttons also made a live appearance at Pack 68’s School Night To Join Scouting in the fall of 2007.

      So what is in the future for Buttons? More videos, of course. Plans are in the works for Buttons to star in videos about Leave no Trace camping and internet safety. Two more “Buttons and Randall Show” videos are being planned. And there is a rumor that Buttons could soon launch his campaign to run for the presidency.

      Buttons and I have enjoyed creating these videos over the last two years. We hope you have enjoyed watching them. We invite you to leave comments for Buttons by clicking on the link below, or at the iTunes Music Store (by clicking HERE), or at the PTC Media forums.

      Thanks for watching!

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        I could not pass up sharing this comic with you. It is a Family Circus comic and asks a very important question about the Boy Scout Slogan, Do A Good Turn Daily. I actually saw it in a newspaper over a year ago, but only recently found an online version of it, and it is in color!

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          A year ago there were not very many videos about Boy Scouting and Cub Scouting on Youtube. But if you look now there are thousands of video to watch. I like checking them out, and passing along my favorites to you.

          This video obviously was not planned. It just happened, and got caught on camera. It is a group of Boy Scouts on a troop cycling trip. Someone was playing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and things started to happen. It is one of my favorite impromptu Scouting videos on Youtube. Watch it and see if you don’t agree.

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            This note is more for myself then anyone else. The counter hit 20,000 visitors this morning. It has only been a little over three months since hitting the 10,000 mark, which took five months to hit. Thanks everyone!

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              The month of August is over. The means the time of the drawing for the dvd-r of Scouting promotional videos has arrived. I went back through the month’s comments, discovered who left a comment, and put each person’s name into a hat (up to two times).

              The winner of the dvd-r is… Tom! Tom left a comment to the Hour A Week post I made on August 22nd. Tom, you will need to contact me and give me your address so I can send you the dvd-r.

              I appreciate all the comments I receive from the readers of this blog. I hope you will continue to write and let me know what you think about this blog and it’s subjects. I wish all of you the best as your new Scouting program year begins. Happy Scouting!

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                July was a good month for visitors to “A Scoutmaster’s Blog“. In addition to those of you who are regulars readers there were a lot of new visitors to the blog. The articles about the eighty year old assistant scoutmaster, the camp ranger, and the Boy Scout pick-up lines were very popular.

                To thank you all for reading this blog I would like to hold a drawing this month. I plan to give two lucky winners a dvd I compiled which includes about twenty short Scouting promotional videos. These videos can be seen on our troop’s website and on Youtube. I have had quite a few people ask for a copy of this video during the past year so I thought this might make a nice prize for this drawing.

                If you would like to be entered as a participant for this drawing all you have to do is to leave a comment to an August article of this blog. Comments to previous blog articles will not apply. I will hold the drawing at the end of the month. Comments must include a name and email address (so that I can let you know if you are a winner.) Anonymous entries will not be included in the drawing. I will limit the entries to two per person. (This drawing is not sponsored by the BSA.)

                Good luck! And thanks for reading “A Scoutmaster’s Blog”.

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