The Radio Airwaves Skit

on June 29, 2019 in campfire

Way back in the 1980s, as out troop attended summer camp, we watched the camp staff do a skit that we all instantly fell in love with. It demonstrated what it could be like when the stations on your car radio began to overlap each other. The staff did a great job preforming it and all the Scouts and adults leaders laughed hard. It was a skit I knew we would have to add to our own growing list of favorite skits so I asked the staff for a copy of the words.

When the troop began doing its Laughs For Lunch Shows in the 1990s the Radio Airwaves skit became an audience favorite. The troop added it the over half of the 15 shows done over the decades. The Boy Scouts have a blast when they do it, and it shows.

The Scouts did the Radio Airwaves skit once again during the 2018 Laughs For Lunch Show, and once again the audience loved it. Here it is for you to watch.

The script for the skit can be found at

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  1. SM Ron says:

    HA! I remember learning this skit in 1969 in Troop 31 on a campout to Allaire State Park, NJ. Also popular back then was the Invisible Bench, The Mumbling Fisherman, The World Greatest Tree Climber, Daniel Boone Shot A Bahr – Whahr – Over Thahr! (with adult leaders only), and the Owah Tahgoo Sy-am Mummy skit (perpetrated on the new Tenderfoot scouts).

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