2015 NOAC Patches: Part 4

on October 18, 2015 in collections, Order Of The Arrow

Nuguonabe2015RedNOACTo tell the truth, when I wrote about this year’s Naguonabe Lodge’s National Order of the Arrow patch sets last June and July I thought the three part article would be all there would be to write. Surprise! This last month the lodge came out with its fourth patch set option. I did not see this coming, but then I am not very involved with the lodge these days since Troop 68 currently does not have any OA members other than for myself.

This new two patch set is an all red “ghost” set that features the same design as the previous wold head design that also includes the 100th anniversary logo. Our lodge has not created many ghost patches in the past so it kind of makes this a little more special. I am not sure why the red color was chosen, but if I find out I will post an update to this article.

The patch set costs $25.00, and I understand that only one set per person is allowed since only a small quanity was printed. The lodge is using this as a fundraiser. I am not quite sure if the funds raised will help to pay off current bills or if the lodge is preparing for a future activity or project. I guess I really do not care what they use the money for. I just want the set for my collection! I usually will not pay that much for a patch set, but I do want to support my lodge.

What do you think of the patch set? Did your lodge create a ghost set for this year’s National Conference?

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  1. Arturo says:

    I am a girl scout leader in Kentucky. My hnuabsd (ke4aer) and I hosted my brownie troop for JOTA last year. All the girls enjoyed it greatly, as did we. We plan to do it again this year. I have seen many places on the internet, and this months QST even mentions, the effort to get girl scouts involved in this activity, just as the boy scouts have been for years. I applaud this effort. I do, however, have one suggestion ..a girl scout patch. The only patches I’ve seen anywhere are specifically boy scout patches, just as the one above. A patch for the girls would certainly add to the enjoyment of JOTA for them. I would like to be able to grow our JOTA event into an area event, rather than just my troop and having a fun patch to offer would certainly make this more inviting.

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