Smarter Than A Boy Scout?

on February 5, 2009 in Advancement, games

The site has a quiz titled “Are you smarter then a Boy Scout?” It has ten questions about finances based on the personal management merit badge. I gotta tell you, a couple questions could be a little tough. I just took the quiz for the fun of it, and was doing well until the tenth question. I did not take the time to think it through and got that one wrong. My final score was nine out of ten correct.

Take the test yourself and see how well you know your stuff. It can be found at
Post your score here so I can see if I am smarter then you.

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  1. Dan - Scouting News says:

    Ok, I ended up with a 7 out of 10. I got number one wrong by reading the question wrong, also got the last one wrong.

    I shouldn’t be surprised, my idea of financial planning is spending all my money, getting deployed overseas, making a lot of tax free money, come back, spend all my money, go into debt, go back overseas and make more money.

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