Scout Trivia: Social Skills

on November 30, 2008 in trivia

It is time once again for ten questions from the Scout Trivia book. This week’s topic in “Social Skills”. Keep in mind that these questions are based on the 1984 Boy Scout Handbook so you may find a question not covered in the current book.

(Question answers will be written at the bottom of this post, and are from the Scout Mania book. No cheating is allowed, after all, you are a Scout or Scout leader, correct?)

1) What is the nickname of the flag of the United States?

2) What is the most common immediate treatment for chemical burns?

3) What are the two ways of communication?

4) There are four “C’s” which describe the way to act in an emergency. Name three.

5) When carrying the United States flag, where does it go in relationship to other flags?

6) What system of communication uses a series of dots and dashes?

7) What sums up, in the words of great Americans, the things for which America stands?

8) What are the three “W’s” when phoning for help for an accident?

9) When should the United States flag be flown below another flag?

10) Which one of the following is NOT a right granted to you as a citizen of the United States in the Bill of Rights? a) Freedom of speech, b) Freedom of worship, c) Free access to all land, d) Freedom to vote.

Okay, do you have you answers chosen? Are you ready for the correct answers according to the Scout Mania Trivia book? Here they are….

1) Old Glory
2) Wash off with lots of water
3) Two-way, one-way
4) Confidence, Common sense, Calmness, Cheerfulness
5) At its own right, or in front of other flags
6) Morse code
7) The American’s Creed
8) Who, What, Where
9) Never
10) Free access to all land.

Did you do well? Stay tuned for more trivia in future postings.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Man I did great on that one!!
    The first quiz got me.. but 9 out of 10 aint bad.
    good stuff Steve!

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