MSPP #54: Star Trekking: The Next Generation

on November 11, 2008 in podcast

Okay, okay. If you have been reading this blog and watching these podcasts you probably know about a skit the troop developed based on the song Star Trekking by The Firm. It became one of the most popular skits ever made up by Troop 68. The skit became so popular that we thought we needed to come up with something more. Thus we developed a new version of the skit based on the second Star Trek series. Thus I present to you Star Trekking: The Next Generation.

Star Trekking: The Next Generation was fun trying to put together. First, we had to pick which characters from the show would be a part of the skit. We could not include them all because the skit would become too long. We cut it down to six, which seemed to work well during the first skit. Second, we had to come up with lines that would be readily identifiable with each of the characters. Third, we needed a action for each of them.

When we performed the skit/song for the first time we discovered we did a pretty good job. The audience at summer camp enjoyed it, as did the Star Trek fans in the crowd. It quickly became a part of the troop’s repertoire. Here are the character’s line of the skit:

Data – “I wish I was a human, human, human, I wish I was a human. It’s elementary.”
Geordi – “I cannot find my visor, my visor, my visor. I cannot find my visor. Help!”
Worf – “The phaser’s set for kill, for kill, for kill. The phaser’s set for kill. Can I push the button now?”
Riker – “I’m leading the away team, away team, away team. I am leading the away team, ’cause I am Number 1.”
Picard – “Let’s set a course for Dagobah, for Dagobah, for Dagobah. Let’s set a course for Dagobah. Engage!”
Villan Q – “Humans are so childish, so childish, so childish. Humans are so childish. Why can’t I ever win?”

This video was taken from the troop’s Laughs For Lunch show, probably about ten years ago. Have fun with it. I hope you enjoy it.

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