Scout Trivia – Outdoor Skills

on October 26, 2008 in trivia

Twenty years ago I bought a game called Scouting Mania, which is a trivia game based on Boy Scouting and camping knowledge. We used the game as an interpatrol activity for many a troop meeting. Now the trivia book is somewhat out of date, but much of it could still be used. I thought I would use it to present trivia questions for you to test your Scouting knowledge, both old and new.

(Question answers will be written at the bottom of this post, and are from the Scout Mania book. No cheating is allowed, after all, you are a Scout or Scout leader, correct?)

1) Name two of the three methods for measuring height in the field.

2) What is the “Scout’s Pace”?

3) To conserve water in your canteen, what can you do on a hike to keep from getting thirsty?

4) What is the most important piece of equipment for a hike?

5) What constellation is used to find the North Star?

6) What is the most effective heat to boil on?

7) Name two methods of measuring width in the field.

8) When packing a backpack, where do the heaviest items go?

9) What is another way to refer to a Scout backpack?

10) When packing a pack for overnight camping how haevy should it be?

Okay, do you have you answers chosen? Are you ready for the correct answers according to the Scout Mania Trivia book? Here they are….

1) Pencil, tree felling, muddy water
2) Jog 25 paces, then walk 25 paces.
3) Place a small clean pebble in your mouth.
4) Good hiking shoes or boots to take care of your feet.
5) Ursa Major, or the Big Dipper
6) Flame, not coals.
7) Napoleon, stick, compass
8) High, and close to the back.
9) A bag of bags.
10) No heavier than one-fourth of your own body weight.

Did you do well? Stay tuned for more trivia in future postings.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Great post… I look forward to more trivia!

    Thanks Steve!

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