Ten Reasons To Be A Leader

on September 4, 2008 in Leadership

Two years ago I wrote a blog post that became one of the most read posts I have ever written. It was during the time when many packs and troops were conducting recruitment drives and school nights. The article listed some reasons on why a parent should get involved as a leader in Scouting.

Well, it is that time of year again, so here is that article again for all the new readers to this blog, and to refresh the memories of those of you who have been with me for awhile.

Boys around the country will be joining Boy Scouting for the first time this month. And new parents will be asked to help their troop or pack by becoming an adult leader. There are many reasons not to be a leader, but let me give you ten reasons why you should become a Scouter. (These are not in any sort of order.)

1) Be a positive influence in a boy’s life. I think we can agree that there are many youth out there who can benefit from more of this in today’s world.
2) Learn new skills.
You are never too old to learn a new skill. And to tell the truth, I don’t think a person can ever learn too many skills.
3) Teach boys new skills.
There are few things in life that will make you feel more proud then when you watch a boy or young man using a skill that you have helped them to master.
4) Make new friends.
Not only will you form friendships with the boys, but you will also form new friendships with other Scouters.
5) Help your community.
You provide this service through your unit’s service projects and by helping boys grow up to be better adults.
6) Spend time in the Great Outdoors.
You really do need to get out of that recycled-air, stressed-filled office environment at least once a month.
7) Have a good laugh.
Working with Scout age boys can be fun and funny in many ways. Just remember to laugh with the boys, not at the boys.
8) Go traveling.
There are thousands of places to go that provide a great Scout Outing. And do not forget the opportunities to go to a National Jamboree, Philmont, or the other high adventure bases.
9) Get some exercise.
We could all use more exercise. Just try keeping up with a group of Boy Scouts.
10) Be a kid again!
Scouting gives adults the chance to have just as much fun as the Scouts themselves. Make sure that you do!

Well, those are ten of my reasons for being an adult Scout Leader. I am sure that some of you reading this could add some more to the list. I invite you to leave a comment and add those reasons.

4 Responses to “Ten Reasons To Be A Leader”

  1. FamilyMan says:

    Hello–linked to your blog today. Will definitely be sharing this.

  2. Nick Wood says:

    Being a Leader is a way to give something back.
    I had a great time when I was a kid doing all the activities my Leaders did for me and am very appreciative of the time they spent doing activities for me and my friends!
    So by me doing stuff for our current Beavers, Cubs & Scouts it's a way of repaying those Leaders from my past!


  3. Scouter Jeff says:

    Great post Steve! I had no idea when I volunteered to be a Scout leader that I would get so much out of it for myself, along with the privilege of serving our youth. Scout leadership truly is a win-win situation.

  4. David T. Copeland says:

    Being a Webelos leader first and now and ASM has been among the greatest joys of my life.I had no idea when I got into this just three years ago how much fun, learning and friendship I would find in Scouting as an adult leader. A life of service to others is a life worth living. Sure I am a busy person just like everyone else but the scarifices are worth it.

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