Famous Scouts – Politicians

on May 10, 2008 in Scouting

Here are a few Boy Scouts that grew up and became well known polititians, Senators, governors, and even presidents. (Unfortunately, a couple of these seemed to have forgotten the twelve points of the Scout Oath after they grew up.)

William Bennett – Former Secretary of Education (Eagle Scout)
James Brady – Former Press Secretary to President Reagan (Eagle Scout)
Willaim Sessions – Former FBI Director (Eagle Scout)
Murphy J. “Mike” Foster – Governor of Louisiana (Eagle Scout)
Gary Locke – Governor of Washington State (Eagle Scout)
Rick Perry – Governor, State of Texas (pictured above)

Gary Anderson – U.S. Representative from New York (Eagle Scout)
Bill Alexander – U.S. Representative from Arkansas (Eagle Scout)
Charles Bennett – U.S. Representative from Florida (Eagle Scout)
William Dannemeyer – U.S. Representative from California (Eagle Scout)
Daniel J. Evans – Former US Senator and Governor from the state of Washington (Eagle Scout)
Richard Lugar – U.S. Senator from Indiana (Eagle Scout)
Sam Nunn – U.S. Senator from Georgia (Eagle Scout)
J.J. Pickle – U.S. Representative from Texas (Eagle Scout)

Bill Clinton – President of the United States
George W. Bush – President of the United States
John F. Kennedy – President of the United States
Gerald R. Ford – President of the United States (the first Eagle Scout to become President!)

Do you know of any more to add to this list?

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